• How to create Lesson plan?

Click on the login button after entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login. 

Bring your cursor to “Lesson Plan”,  you can go to “Lesson Plan” either by selecting “Lesson Plan” on the side bar or by clicking on the “Lesson Plan” tile on the homepage.

Clicking on Lesson Plan Tab will take you to this page.


This page consists of Two tabs: –

1) Create



A supervisor is allowed to create a new  ‘Lesson Plan’ for a chosen subject and grade. We can choose ‘grade’ and ‘subject’ from the drop down given against ‘grade’ and ‘subject’ label respectively. A ‘Lesson plan’ has to be linked with the learning objective.


Click on “Add lesson plan” button for creating new lesson plan.

A supervisor can add as many ,’lesson plan’  he/she wants. They need to add the ‘Title’ of the ‘lesson plan’  against the textbox. Description about the ‘lesson plan’ is to be added against the text box given .Supervisor need to upload a file by clicking on ‘choose file’ button, s/he needs to choose a file from the local system to upload. It is a separate document to be uploaded by the supervisor on the server.

A supervisor can remove the lesson plan by clicking on ‘Remove Lesson plan’ link on the right corner of the title bar.

Click on “Submit” Button for creation of the new lesson plan.


  • How to View Lesson plans created?

Click on “Lesson Plan” tile .User will be navigated to this page:

Click on “view lesson plan”, user will be navigated to this page:

On this page we can view all the activities created. The teacher is allowed to download the created lesson plan by clicking on “download” displayed under “Download” header. User can ‘Edit’ the lesson plan ,by clicking on “choose file” button. After clicking on “choose file” button, user has to select ‘doc’ file from the local system and click on “submit” button.

User can also ‘Delete’ the lesson by clicking on “Delete” icon. User can go to Add Lesson plan page by clicking on “Add Plans ” button.

User can search any “Lesson plan ” through the search box given above the table -> By “ID”, “Subject”, “Grade”, “Learning objective”, Created By” and “Created on”.



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