• How to see Reports and statics of evaluations?

Click on the login button after entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login.Slecting “Analytics” on the side bar or by clicking on the “Analytics” tile on the homepage. Once you click on Analytics ,user will be navigated to this page:-

Click on “Supervisor Dashboard”.We can see the count for Evaluation Assigned, Number of pending evaluations and count for ‘Weak’ rating.


The three tiles gives the count :

1)Number of evaluations Completion(Green):This tile displays the number of  evaluations against the evaluate is completed.

2)Number of pending evaluation(Blue):This tile displays the number of evaluations which are yet to be taken by the evaluator against the evaluatee.

3)Weak rating(Red):This tile displays the number of ‘Weak’ grade ,the evaluatee has scored in his/her evaluations.

Below the tiles ,Pie charts are displayed.

1)Evaluation status pie chart:

This pie chart displays the status of the form (ex: “Ongoing”, “Accepted”, “Rejected” and “Submitted”) in percentage.

2)Rating Distribution Pie chart:

The pie chart will show the overall performance across all evaluations conducted on teacher.

a. Consider the total number of evaluation happened against evaluatee.

b. Get all the ‘O’ grade count.

c. Get all the ‘V’ grade count.

d. Get all the ‘G’ grade count.

e. Get all the ‘A’ grade count.

f. Get all the ‘W’ grade count.

g. find percentage for each grades


“O” grade percentage= (sum of  “O” grade count/total number of evaluations)*100

Do this for all grades.

Therefore ,the calculated percentage are shown in the pie chart.


Below the Pie charts ,bar chart is displayed. Above the Bar chart, all the forms assigned against the evaluate can be seen.

Calculation for the Bar chart:

a. Consider all the evaluation forms that is evaluated against evaluatee.

         ex: [“form1”, “form2”, “form3”]

b. Get all the grades for each form.

         ex: {“form1″:[O,V,G,O,O],”form2”:[W,A], “form2”:[W,W]}

c. We have predefined values for grades

                 O=5,  V=4,  G=3,  A=2,  W=1

  d. Now,we need to calculate:

           ex: {“form1”:[O,V,G,O,O]



 FORMULA->  form1 = (calculate the sum of form1/length of the form1 list)


                       “form1”:[O,V,G,O,O]—>  sum= 5+4+3+5+5 ; length=5

                         form1 = 22/5=4.4

Therefore ,this point is marked for form1 in bar chart.

Below the Bar chart, Line chart is Displayed:

The Line chart shows ,the number of evaluations conducted on a time-line. In the Line chart above:

X axis will show No of Evaluations, Y axis will show months. This basically shows how many evaluation has happened each month.









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