How Parenting Influences Students’ Academic Success


Education, like neurosis, begins at home” – Milton Sapirstein

The right support from parents can help kids improve their academic performance. Several reports have proven that parent involvement is a crucial factor in child’s academic success. By showing interest in kid’s education, parents as well as families can improve enthusiasm in them. Students can also realize that learning can be so enjoyable and rewarding.

However parents must make sure to adopt the right parenting styles and actions. Some aspects such as attending parent teacher meetings, checking homework, discussing classroom activities at home- can positively influence on your child’s academic performance.

Parents involvement and student academic performance

  • Realize their stress area –

    Few subjects may be difficult than others for you child. Also school pressure may be high at times. Recognize the changes in your kid’s behavior and find out the exact reason that cause stress to them. Find ways to ease the hardness of this specific subject. Check whether they have any sort of issues with their teachers or classmates.

  • Regular communication with your child’s teacher

    Parents must make sure to regularly communicate with the corresponding teacher. With the availability of advanced technology like the Parent Communication Portal, even busy parents can stay up to date with the child’s school matters. Parents can conveniently login to such app either via desktop, laptop or Smartphone. You can get to know the constant feedback from the concerned teachers on your kid’s behavior in the class, grades scored, areas that need improvement and attendance issues if any.

  • Stick to some simple rules

    Create some simple rules that can help to keep your child organized. Few such rules will improve their responsibility to complete their duties on time. Schedule a specific time to do homework after school. Let them know about your expectations on their study efforts. If expectations were not met, consequences can be made. However, expectations should depend on factors such as child’s age, inborn abilities, and areas of interest.

  • Teach them discipline and respect

    Many teachers complaint that disrespect is a major problem among students in the classroom. Though teachers as well as school can help children learn the importance of discipline, the base should be created at home.

  • Encourage reading

    Teach them the importance of developing reading habits. Reading, no doubt will help children in all school subjects. You should make sure to have a lot of reading materials at home. At school they can consider reading library books. School Library Management systems now allow schools to manage the whole library through its simple and interactive interface. By accessing this software, student can at any time check the availability status of a particular book online.

  • Promote active learning

    Active learning keeps student active. This sort of learning includes asking questions, finding solutions and discoveing interests. Learning is not only related to books. It can also happen when they play, associate with their buddies, take part in a school play and even at bookstores. Parents must ensure they are listening to child’s ideas and are responding to them. Child may have a lot of doubts and questions. Never discourage them, rather join in the discussion and provide satisfying answers.

To improve their academic performance, parents can also consider providing certain activities that your kids should solve it themselves. Make it funny. For instance, hide a small object. Provide few instructions and let them find it by their own. Similarly ask them to create an activity and provide direction so that you can find it out.

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