10 Alert Systems To Enhance Your School ERP


School ERP systems unburden your staff of many tasks .They not only save time but also save mental task of remembering time-bound activities. This can be done by setting up alerts for numerous functions.

Let us look at how alert systems in various school activities can enhance your administration

  1. Budgeting Alerts

Budgeting alerts allow you to keep your expenses under control throughout the year. Often, unseen expenses and shortages in fee collection can disrupt your planned cash flow. By enabling budgeting alerts you can take proactive action before the situation gets out of hand. Budgeting alerts include:

Expense alert –Your staff will be notified whenever school exceeds set expense budget.

Fee Collection –This will alert you in case of collection deficit and delayed payments. You can also automate reminder alerts to parents who have not paid fees.

Monthly alert –You can chart out the monthly expected cash flow and set tracking alerts end of every month. This alert notifies you whether you are on track or not.

  1. Enrollment Alerts

These alerts are for applicants at the beginning of each academic year. Informing each applicant of rejection and acceptance of admission is time-consuming especially in the busy season of admissions.

Automated alerts send an acceptance or rejections notification to all applicants. You can also direct accepted students to further admission process.

  1. Library Alerts

Missing books and late fee processes can cost your library department. Return reminders alerts help in on-time returns. In case of delay, a daily alert of mounting late fees will discourage students from further delays.

  1. Attendance Alerts

School dropout rates are closely correlated with low attendance. Attendance alerts inform parents of falling attendance and students on current status of attendance.

You can also include alerts to faculty in case a student hits minimal attendance threshold. This will allow faculty to pay attention to at-risk students and chart out an intervention method if required.

  1. PTA Alerts

Juggling school meets with full-time job can be stressful for many parents. Parent –teacher meet alerts can at least help by removing the burden of remembering one.

PTA meet alerts send an SMS or mobile notification (in case of mobile school app) to parents with date, time and agenda of the meet. You can also link alerts to their Google calendar for easy scheduling.

  1. Fee Payment Alert

Fee payment alerts send notification to parents on fees due and due date. Regular alerts have helped to reduce delayed payments in many schools.

Education fees are not a small expense anymore. According to Charlie Nunn, HSBC’s head of wealth management “In nine of the 15 countries surveyed, paying for their child’s education is most likely to be parents’ biggest financial commitment, above others such as mortgage or rent payments and household bills.”

Timely payment alerts allow parent to plan out their quarterly or yearly finances and make provision for fees.

  1. School Announcements Alert

Schools have to regularly send announcements regarding events, changes in rules, exam dates, holidays, etc. It’s possible to miss these announcements if a student misses to check school portal.

Official alerts from school also avoid confusion and rumors about holidays or changes in exam dates etc.

  1. Results Alert

It is also possible to send result alerts with school ERP system. A snapshot of results can be send to students and parents as soon as they are published. This give them anywhere access to results without having to login to portals.

  1. Class Schedule Alert

Class schedule or daily time table often change due to faculty being on leave, need for extra classes or low attendance.

With alert system you can easily inform students of changes.

  1. Extracurricular Activity Alert

Extracurricular activities are necessary for all round development of students. Drama, Literature, music, dance, public speaking and sports are some of the activities offered after school hours.

Usually each club has its own informal group. Channel of communication range from mail to messaging apps. This can be difficult to keep up with students who want to join more than one activity. Formalized alerts for extracurricular activities notify each student of timings, practice slots and upcoming events.


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