How Student Enrollments Become Easier With School Management Software


Admission season is a busy time for schools. Management, faculty and admissions department have to come together to enroll new students and re-enroll the current students to next year.

School staff knows that school enrollment is much more than receiving and accepting application. The long process of school enrollment starts many months before the beginning of the academic year and involves effort from school, parents and students.

Schools have to reach the right parents and issue prospectus. Receiving large number of enrolment forms and scrutinizing them is tedious a job. Contacting all the parents and setting up interviews is a big event in itself. Finally, the process of accepting students and batch allotment can involve a lot of paperwork if the process is not digitalized.

School management software can automate many of the activities and handle parallel operations. This allows school staff to process the applications effortlessly. Let us look at how school management software makes each student enrolment stage easier:

1.Issuing Prospectus

Enrollment starts with managing parent enquiries efficiently. School management software can capture enquiries from website to give you a list of interested parents. This means you do not have to worry about missing out on leads. This also gives a ready database of interested parents if required later in the year.

You can also partner at your district level with public authorities to announce school enrollment process to all the parents in your locality. This way school management software can help you in parent outreach, marketing and communication with prospective students.

Prospectus can then be sent to database of parents with the click of the button. Follow up reminders through SMS can be automated with the software to get maximum applications.

2.Accepting Enrollment Forms

Next step is the receipt of enrolment forms from parents. Digital forms make work easy for everyone as paper forms are difficult to manage and sift through. Parents can fill online form and submit documents on portal or school mobile app.

The data captured on these forms can then be organized in an easy to understand sheet. Enrolment software allows staff to filter data, select students and move them further along the enrolment process. For example, it is possible to select all the students with GPA 2.5 and above and recommend for next stage of selection.

3.Interviewing and Admission Test

Applications that are accepted for further process usually have to go through aptitude tests, language skills and interview. This process varies from school to school and some public schools also have a lottery system.

Coordination with parents and faculty to set up interview slots can be a cumbersome task without School management software. Enrollment system allows you to send bulk messages to parents and share available slots for interview. Interview schedule is managed automatically without the involvement of staff as parents book their slots online. Staff can view aptitude test results compiled by system and inform qualified students.


Every school has different criteria of selection. Data analysis can help your selection process in many ways. It can analyze the number of application and the seats available in your school to arrive at the right cut off. It can also automate applicants’ wait list based on data and save staff time and cost.

In cases where selection is by lottery, Enrollment software can ensure transparent lotteries based on your priorities and rules. Selection results can be viewed online by the parents.

5.Payment and Confirmation

After receiving admission offer, parents can make online payment to confirm their child’s seat. Automated offer message and online payment method save staff’s time and effort. School staff can see list of parents who have confirmed and made payment on a simple dashboard.

The role of staff changes from doing all the paperwork to supervising the smooth process of enrollment as it happens online.

6.Batch Allotment

The last stage of enrollment is admitting students to class. School management software can help in this by arranging students into batches. Data analysis can be used in this stage to shuffle according to gender, student aptitude and interests. An online welcome kit with class details can be sent to student to prepare them for the coming academic year.

Integration of student data into School Information System (SIS) becomes easy at this stage as it is simply a matter of migrating digital data already present in enrollment module.

School Management Software can help in every step of the way when it comes to student enrollment. Automation and online digital forms make work easy for both parents and staff.  Data analytics helps admission department in selection of students and allocation of seats.

Let us know the challenges your school faced in student enrollment and how you overcame them in the comments below.


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