7 Successful Steps To Implement A School ERP System


Implementing a School ERP system in your school is a big and necessary step. Automating tasks will bring down your costs, save time and reduce your workload many times.

The implementation stage of ERP System is very crucial. A smooth implementation will win over everyone’s confidence and ensure maximum usage of the system.

In this blog we will discuss 7 steps to successfully implement a School ERP system in your school.

Step 1: Data Feeding

Data is the pillar that supports school ERP system. A clean and up-to-date data must be ready to feed into ERP system. The amount of work will depend on the nature of your current database. Most of the schools will have digital data about their students. If not you will first have to convert the paper data to digital format through data entry.

The next task will be to update the data and clean it for any errors or missing fields. Finally, formatting the data as per ERP system format makes your data ready to be fed.

Step 2: Operation of Core Modules

A full – fledged implementation of all features can be overwhelming for everyone involved. This is why vendors first install the core functions such as accountancy, fee management and SIS (Student Information System).

This gives your staff ample time to adjust their way of working. Also any shortcomings in process and incompatibilities with school procedures will be discovered in this stage. This stage is like testing the waters before jumping into full implementation.

Step 3:  Gap Analysis and Feedback

In this stage the vendor takes feedback from the staff on feasibility of the system so far. Not all schools are the same and the system may require some tweaking according to your needs. Those handling the day to day work of your school will have a better perspective on how the system can be made better. Involving staff in this stage also makes them more open to the change that comes with ERP system.

Step 4: Fine –Tuning

The next step would be to fine-tune and customize the system as per previous step. There could be just one round of fine-tuning or multiple rounds depending on the size and specifications of your schools. Usually schools with multiple location and big universities take more time in this stage.

Do remember to keep all the functional heads involved in these stages to avoid shortcomings later. All core functions of systems should be working smoothly before the next stage is implemented.

Step 5: Implementing Add On Modules

Now the system is ready to implement add on modules such as library management, attendance, parent portal, etc. Integration with external systems is also done in this stage. This includes integration with school transport system, supplier’s inventory system and payment gateways.

Integration of ERP with VLE or virtual learning environment is also an important step here. This connects each student’s profile in ERP with their online classes, online assessment and tests. Data on each student’s performance later helps in performance tracking and personalized learning.

Step 6: Staff Training

Once you are confident of the ERP system it is time to train all your staff in using it. Some vendors offer the training as a part of the package while others charge separately. The training could be on-site or online.

You will also need to appoint an ERP system co-coordinator who will handle all the staff doubts and interact with your vendor throughout the year.

Step 7: Monitoring and Support

The last stage is monitoring of smooth functioning of the school ERP system and fine-tuning any remaining glitches. Regular feedback from your staff may require corrective measures from time to time.  This is why it is important to choose a vendor who will support you in the long run.

Timely system updates and security checks are also part of the ongoing support system.

Once these implementation steps are over it is time to sit back and reap the benefits of your School ERP System. Expect to see a drop in staff workload and costs as communication in your school improves.

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