5 Best Practices For Better School Administration


Smooth functioning of every department of the school depends on administration. It is up to the administrators to make sure that there are no glitches in the workflow of school.

The roles of administrative officials include:

  • Receiving admission enquiries
  • Monitoring the attendance of teachers and arranging of substitutes
  • Maintaining student record
  • Keeping a check on inventory
  • Managing other transport, accounting, staffing, marketing and reporting
  • Managing admission process of students
  • Arranging staff meetings
  • Parent Teacher meetings and communication with parents

Here are some of the best practices which will make school administration more efficient:

1. Use Automation

 Since there is a varied work to be done by administration, it is always easy to use automation to get the work done. This would ensure proper distribution of work. It would also designate employees to one section of work which would avoid confusion within the administration department.

School management system can handle various processes of school administration. It collects student attendance reports, grades and informs the parents about these. For students’ safety this software even tracks the school bus movement in real time. It also notifies the students and parents about upcoming school events. Another great use of school management system is that it sends timely reminders to parents about payment of fees and parents can pay the fees online as well.

 2. Create Organized Workflow

School staff has to multi-task all the time. For example in a school the teachers are busy in creating curriculum for their classes, at the same time, the time table for the next term has to be made. While this is going on, the test papers for an upcoming exam have to be printed/ uploaded and the events committee might have planned for a trip which needs planning. New admissions requests have to be processed as well.

Although this type of situations is quite common, they are frustrating at times. To avoid this create a clear workflow stating the steps in each task. Assign one person to each task and avoid overloading one staff with multiple responsibilities. With a School ERP System you can easily set the workflows with timely alerts to assigned staff and faculty.

ERP provides the benefit of uploading documents for a number of people to see, this avoids the time, effort, and error that goes into sending mails. Time tables, question papers, results, assignments, all of these can be uploaded centrally using just a few clicks.

3. Prioritize Work

 Even with enough workforce there will always be too much to be done. The smartest way to combat this issue is by prioritizing the work. In the example given above it was noticed that a lot of work had to be done.

If the same example is taken, it would be necessary to prioritize the work even if the workflow is set. For example, the school receives admission requests throughout the year. The rejected admission request can be filtered out using ERP. ERP can detect the form filled incorrectly or with inadequate information and filter those out, the short listed ones can be looked at later when the actual admission process begins.

Setting deadlines is also important while prioritizing work .While completing a task always let the staff know about the priority of work that needs to be done in a given period of time. This would ensure that there is enough time to work on other tasks.

4. Use Technology

Using technology is an easy solution to most problems. A lot of administration involves setting up meetings, updating inventory, communicating with staff, etc. Technology makes all of these easier with the help of shared calendars, inventory management module and chat applications.

School ERPs have built-in calendars; this will help the users to schedule meetings with each other and block dates for discussions. Reminders can be set for these events as well.

Inventory management systems also notify staff when supplies are below set limits and even place a purchase request with your vendors.

5. Arrange for Creative Breaks

Author Alan Cohen once said “there is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and ignore neither.” This, as many of us must have experienced, is true.

Administration work is usually done inside an enclosed office. This is the reason why, like any other office environment, school administrators require creative activities to keep them fresh and ready to work.

These breaks can include creative games, drawing, outdoor trips, friendly competitions, etc.


In today’s world schools and colleges aim at providing quality education, but the school system cannot run well without having a proper administration in place.

All the points mentioned in this blog can be applied for the smooth functioning of any organization. When it comes to managing a whole school, administration certainly plays a pivotal role in success of the school.

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