• How do I search a question?

Click on ‘Questions’ on the left-hand corner. Then click on ‘Search Question’ tile.

You will now be redirected to a page with a list of questions.

You can enter your keyword in ‘Search’ textbox provided or click on ‘Advance Search’ button to enter specific fields to filter your search.


Click on the particular question from the table to view the question.



  • How do I Edit or Delete a question?

Choose the question you want to edit and click on ‘Edit’ button, now edit the question and click on ‘Submit’ button to save the changes made.

To delete a question permanently choose the question and click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Note:  A question can be edited or deleted only if it has not been used in an assessment. Once a question is used it will appear with a lock symbol and then it can only be archived.


  • How do I make a question private?

By default all the questions will be public, to make a question private to the teacher who created it choose the particular question and click on the ‘Public’ button.


Note: The first button shows the current status of the question, if it says Public that means the question is currently public.

  • How can I archive the old questions?

You can archive individual questions or choose multiple questions and archive them. To archive a single question choose the question and click on the ‘NO’ button. To archive multiple questions, select the questions by the checkbox and click on ‘Move to Archived’ button.


To view the archived questions click on the ‘Show Archived’ button.



Note: Archived questions can no longer be viewed or added to a new assessment. The assessments already using these will not be affected and can still be assigned to the students.


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