Future of Administration With School Administration Software


School administration has changed drastically over the past few years. Attendance registers have been replaced by biometric attendance and school diaries by parent-teacher chat. Digitalization has revolutionized how school administration works. It will continue to do so as the number of software tools and their applications keep increasing.

Let’s know how school software will shape the future of school administration and education sector as well.

Data Based Decisions

The number of student data sources was limited until now. Schools would only have data that was explicitly fed into it by staff. Today, the sources of data are unlimited. Data can be captured from public records, social media, on campus cameras and sensors, browsing history, etc. Schools will only be limited by student data permissions and privacy laws. Data security will be an important point when students and their parents consider admission in a school.

Big data flows in larger volumes at a faster rate in real time and helps in decision making. This data is being used to spot patterns and insight into daily functioning of school. Past student records can help to identify at-risk students, uncover dropout patterns and analyze batch results. Data also helps to measure effectiveness of intervention methods and keep successful learning methods.

Data backed decisions take out the guess work and bring accuracy to future plans of schools.


School administration software automates repetitive tasks to free up your staff for more productive work. With administration system it is now possible to automate fee collection, reminders, mass notifications, attendance, HR activities and marketing activities.

As technology advances more functions will get automated. The role of staff will then shift from functional tasks to strategic planning. Staff will have to look at all the data analysis and decide the best course of action for the school.

It will also mean that faculty will have more time to interact with students and parents on a personal level.  This will strengthen student-teacher relation and provide better learning environments for the students.


Integration is important for maximum efficiency of school administration system. This is why many vendors are now offering customized modules that can be plugged into your current systems. It must be integrated with transport system, library bar coding, biometric systems, accounting software such as tally and any other software that your staff uses. This ensures easy flow of data and maximum output.

Eventually, school systems will integrate not just internally but also externally with all stakeholders. Integration of all district schools at district level will allow authorities to monitor schools with year round reporting. Integration with local hospitals and police station will lead to better security of students.


The world is becoming a melting pot of many nationalities today. With the workforce moving frequently across the globe, schools see regular flux of students from all over the world. Many schools even offer multiple boards with international as well as local curriculums.

Serving to a global community requires special features in school administration software. It must keep up by allowing for different languages and multiple curriculums within a batch.  Distance learning courses and virtual classes are also the need of the global student community.

The education sector is changing rapidly. Technology is sometimes the effect and sometimes the cause of these changes. Above features are already a part of most school systems and will shape the future of education too.

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