What is the Future of ERP Systems in Education


Global campuses, technology literacy and the free availability of learning material demand more out of school ERP systems. ERP systems will have to support the changing future of education sector.

Here is a look at the future of ERP system in education.


EPR systems will take over many of the school administration tasks that are repetitive and time consuming. Many of the schools are already taking attendance with the help of automated biometric system. Test report generation is another area where automation is being helpful.

Many administration tasks such as admission enquiry, marketing, financial report generation will also be automated by school systems in the future. A system which independently takes care of a student’s admission, induction, assessment and progress report is near future possibility. Re-enrolment for next academic year can also be automated without the need of a parent to apply for it.

Seamless Integration

A successful school ERP will be well integrated across all internal as well as external systems.

Internal systems include school transport tracking, library, biometric attendance, fee payment app, etc. This level of integration is offered by most of the ERP systems even today.

In the future even external systems such as social media, public records, healthcare records, and common entrance tests will be linked to your student’s profile. This will allow school to provide customized learning environment for students. For example, integration with a language learning mobile app (like Duolingo) would help school to assess students’ proficiency in foreign language. Similarly, health care records, like allergy reports, will ensure safety for students at all times.

AI Application

Artificial intelligence is making a difference in all sectors. It has much scope in education sector too. The vast data collected on student can be used by machines to learn about drop-out risk students, learning patterns and predict future course of study. AI will help each student with a personalized education plan backed by numbers.

AI will also help in administration tasks of admission, budgeting and district level reporting. While automation does take care of daily tasks, AI will go a step further and take care of strategic and creative decision too. For example, automation can generate annual report but AI can change the presentation of that report based on previous ratings of reports submitted to district authority.

Mobile Access

This is a trend that is already visible. More than 60% of internet users access web through Smartphone. For school ERP systems this means access to all features on mobile. Students want to take their tests on Smartphone and parents want the fee payment facility on their mobile. Availability of all features on mobile will be a necessity for school ERP systems soon.

Support Global Requirements

Schools and universities are no more confined to one location. Multiple campuses across the world and a global community of students mean that ERP systems have to be equipped to handle global requirements. These include:

  • Coordination between multiple campuses

  • Provision for multiple boards including local and international curriculum

  • Reports as per local authority requirements

  • Support community of students from different countries

Let’s brief it up

School ERP systems will undergo changes in the coming years to suit the evolving needs of education. The growing number of universities and students is a good opportunity for ERP system providers to innovate and solve unique problems emerging due to online learning, global learning and digital savvy students.

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