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17sepalldayIPC Early Childhood Education Theory and Application – Level 3(All Day: saturday) AIM Middle East Training and Consultancy, Abu Dhabi,UAE


AIM Middle East Consulting and Training


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The IPC’s Early Childhood Education Theory and Application – Level 3, training program prepares you to qualify as an Early Years Teacher and takes 8 months to complete. This program is currently only available in the UAE.

IPC’s Level 3 training program give you wider career options to work in nurseries, kindergartens and ELCs across the UAE. The program is designed to enhance and increase the knowledge, skills and experiences critical to providing children and families with high quality Early Childhood Education. This program takes into account the most recent developments in Early Childhood Education and looks at trends that will shape the future of preschool teaching.

On completion, participants will have a sound understanding of child development, be able to create positive environments, effectively facilitate curriculum, provide developmentally appropriate assessments and establish and maintain meaningful relationships with children and families, for children up to 6 years of age.

IPC’s Level 3 teacher training program, consists of 8 Foundation Modules.

  • 1. Child Growth and Development
  • 2. Environments for Early Learners
  • 3. Curriculum and Lesson Planning for Early Learner Classrooms
  • 4. Observation, Documentation and Assessment in Early Childhood
  • 5. Language and Literacy Development in Early Learners
  • 6. Ethics and Professionalism in Early Education and Care
  • 7. Family Engagement in Early Education Settings
  • 8. Health & Safety


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All Day (Saturday)


AIM Middle East Training and Consultancy

Abu Dhabi,UAE

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