16 Dubai Schools are OUTSTANDING in 2017. What do they do differently?


16 Schools are OUTSTANDING in 2017. What do they do differently?Dubai School Inspections Bureau (DSIB) has released their latest inspection results. It has created a positive as well as competitive vibe among schools in Dubai. According to Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the arrival of DSIB inspection has changed the face of Dubai education sector incredibly.  DSIB Inspection began in the 2008-2009 time period. Since then their inspections played a significant role in improving the teaching and learning standards of Dubai schools.

There are around 185 schools across Dubai. Among these 159 falls under the inspection cycle of DSIB. According to official data, around 263,051 students are studying in these 159 schools. This year, more schools have worked hard to be under the criteria of DSIB rating and their hard work paid off as 11 new schools were inspected by DSIB this year.

The percentage of Emirati students enrolling for school has always been low in Dubai. However, the story has changed this year. As per latest inspection details there are around 32,103 Emirati students studying in various schools in Dubai. The increase in their number is indeed a positive response.

The final result of the DSIB inspection for the year 2016-17 was that among the 159 schools, 16 schools (11%) of the total schools which came under the inspection was ranked as outstanding meanwhile 14 schools (14%) are ranked as very good. Other rating includes Good which was awarded to 69 schools (39%), acceptable 50(30%) and weak 10(6%).

These are the top 16 schools of Dubai according to DSIB,

1. Kings school Dubai (UK Based Curriculum)
2. Gems Wellington International School (UK/Indian based IB)
3. Jumeirah College (UK)
4. Jumeirah English Speaking School (UK)
5. Dubai College (UK)
6. Gems jumeirah Public School (UK)
7. Jumeirah English Speaking School (Branch) (UK)
8. Gems Dubai American Academy (US/IB)
9. Gems Modern Academy (Indian(CISCE)
10. The Indian High School (Indian (CBSE)
11. Dubai English Speaking Private College – Branch (UK)
12. Repton School (UK/IB)
13. Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou – Dubai Branch (French)
14. Dubai International Academy (IB)
15. Gems Royal Dubai School (UK)
16. Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou Oud Metha (French)

These schools follow some healthy teaching and learning practices to ensure quality education for students.

Here is an extensive analysis of their techniques.


Those schools that are in the top will unanimously say that communication between the staff is impeccable and they have worked a lot on it to make it flawless. Staff often meets to review as well as plan strategies for studies. They also discuss their training technique in order to have a healthy discussion as well as to improve upon suggestion.

Incorporating visuals as well as audio

It has been scientifically proven that including visuals and audio into lessons will bring remarkable changes in the way students learn the subject.  Maths is one of those subjects which students often find as terrifying as well as hard to understand. The 16 schools which are on the top have successfully managed to simplify maths with the help of audio as well as visuals.

Practical investigations

Studying lessons by heart seldom comes to use of students. However, these top schools have managed to develop an outstanding technique to make education useful. Investigations are one among those effective techniques. Every student has to do research as well as investigation about their lessons. Investigations include practical tests as well as assignments. Students can use internet for their research.

Frequent evaluation

Teachers make sure that every student is following the general study plan and are doing their assignments promptly. Special attention and guidance will be given to students, if they find it difficult to follow the accepted study plan.

A doyen leader and his acquiescent staff

The result of the DSIB inspection is clear indication of how leadership has brought up most of the schools to the top level.  There was something common among these leaders of the top 16 schools in Dubai. They had a vision in their mind. They were also able to convey this vision to their staff and students so that everything was crystal clear from the beginning.  They also ensured that the students and the staff are working along with them in accomplishing the common goal.

Common traits

People will unanimously agree that these successful and reputed schools of Dubai have these things in common.

•  Teachers, as well as students, have the opportunity to explore, learn as well as share.
•  Teachers often get opportunities to expand their horizons rather than focusing on just the textbooks.
•  The curriculum of students is crafted with utmost care. It is made sure that what they are learning in these schools are in relation to their life.

By making sure that the goals are in the same direction as the national agenda parameter (NAP)

Respected, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has declared a national agenda for his ultimate goal, Vision 2021. Under this national agenda, schools are given well-defined targets to achieve in order to coexist with his dream.  The goals of the agenda includes,

•  NAP has suggested a benchmark on English, Maths, and Science and students should attain that.
•  The International benchmark will also be assessed to improve teaching, learning as well as the syllabus.
•  Schools should pass TIMSS and PISA tests each year.
•  Changes are made in the teaching techniques if it is not working well.

Making special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) students happy as ever

It is indeed one of the best feedbacks after the inspection. According to DSIB 69% of the total schools in Dubai are accommodating SEND students with all their hearts. The top 16 schools in the DSIB rating are absolutely good at it.  These top 16 students have effectively and successfully managed to guide them and to improve their skills. SEND students are given enough time to get into the syllabus and what they learn is absolutely in accordance with their ability without any pressure.

Cultural Association at its finest

Dubai has always been a remarkable example of cultural collaboration. The benefit of this cultural association is that students will get closer to the ultimate goal that is to be a global citizen. This cultural association will also broaden the aspects and behaviour of a student dramatically. In one latest news report, Simon O Connor Principal of Jumeirah College stated that it has been rewarding as well as fascinating for him as well as the students to be a part of such diverse multicultural diaspora. Cementing the fact that cultural collaboration is indeed positive.

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