Will Teacher Development Platform Improve Teaching and Learning Standards?


Will Teacher Development Platform Improve Teaching and Learning Standards?Teacher development platform might be a new term for most school administrators. This relatively recent innovation in the education industry is designed to help schools and academic institutions in improving their teaching and learning standards. Implementing a new teacher development platform can help schools to reap a wide range of benefits.

Here, we try to give you a clear idea about the technology and its applications.

What is teacher development platform?

A Teacher development platform is very similar to Student Information Systems (SIS). Like SIS, this software also offers different modules to help teachers in assessments and other student evaluation/monitoring aspects. As it is a cloud based system, it requires little or no server support and maintenance. So, schools can install it at relatively low cost.

General benefits of a quality teacher development platform

•  Create forms and schedule observations on teaching and learning
•  Centralized management and storing of data
•  Student academic plan summary dashboards
•  Helps to gather insights on teaching and learning to plan improvements

How it helps to improve teaching and learning standards?

Teacher development platform provides many user friendly modules to help teachers to make the teaching and learning process easier. With teacher development platform teachers will get the following benefits

•  Independent assessment of multiple classes is possible.
•  This software allows content management for educators, so that their slides and presentations from an academic year can be easily retrieved for future courses
•  As the platform can be integrated with online textbooks, it will be easier to assign homework

Streamline observation process

There will be separate modules for managing administrative paperworks. This will allow staff to schedule, conduct and track observations of all forms in real time. So, teachers do not have to spend much time in order to send student related data such as attendance report, class test reports to the administrative section. This will help them to dedicate more time on student development activities.

Feedback and teacher improvement

Feedback from students is important to improve teaching standards. Knowing strengths and weaknesses will help teachers change their teaching practices in line with students needs. The feedback module in teacher development platforms facilitate structured feedback for teachers to work on their weak areas to improve teaching methods.

Raise school standards

In traditional way of school management, it is not easy for administrators to analyse the overall operations of their institution. This prevents them from identifying the weak areas in their educational strategy.

But, with technology such as teacher development platform, it will be easier for them to devise new strategies to improve teaching and learning standards. They can check the feedback module to know which subjects demand advanced strategies. This will be helpful for them to follow the right practices to raise their school standards.

Key Features of teacher development platform

Custom forms

Using custom forms feature, it is easy to create forms for a variety of activities such as formal observations, learning walks, book corrections, or other custom purpose types. This feature will help teachers to carry out different tasks precisely and in a time saving manner.

Record Data

Record data feature is designed to make real time observations of functions at school. Administrators can share reports based on observations with teachers, for their comments and acceptance.

Analyze Data

Analyze data feature generates reports on different operations carried out at school. It includes reports on teaching faculty, students and non- teaching staff. These sort of easy to use reports help administrators to get a clear picture about the overall teaching activities at school. So, it will be easy to create new strategies to provide advanced learning experience for students.

So, do you think quality teacher development platform can improve your school’s teaching and learning standards? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

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