What Is School Management System Software & How It Helps Schools Excel


What Is School Management System Software & How It Helps Schools ExcelEvery day school management is a very difficult job for school authorities. There is a huge amount of data and other details that needs to be sorted out on a daily basis. The School Management System Software (SMSS) was created as a solution to such management woes. Let’s see what exactly it does and how it is advantageous for managing schools.

What Is School Management System Software?

It is a software system that helps school managers to effectively manage the day to day operations of a school such as attendance, fee collection, admission, exam reports, assessments, notifications etc with the help of different software modules.

What are its key features?

Student Information System– You can get information about students ranging from attendance, class test performance, extracurricular performance, homework, parent and teacher feedback on each subjects, their fee status, canteen spend, bookstore spend, etc. Teachers just need to look at their profiles to get all these details. Teachers can get all these vital information with just a few clicks.

Teacher Information System– Quality of education depends mostly on the quality of teachers in an institution. The teacher information system will provide details about teacher performance in the classroom. It will show the subject portions they have covered in each class, the feedback or rating they get from students and their superiors, etc. All the data collected will be useful during the appraisal time.

Timetable Management– Creating, organizing and managing timetables is a huge headache for schools, especially at the start of each academic year. A good SMSS will have an effective timetable management module that ensures minimum hassle for the management.

Library and Laboratory Management– Both library and laboratory are very important for complete student learning. Also, schools have valuable assets in both these sections, which should be managed properly. The assets and financials can be tracked efficiently, with every aspect accounted for.

Fee Management– Keeping track of fee payments is very important for schools. It is important to ensure that parents find it easy to make payments as well. The latest school fee management systems support cashless transactions using mobile apps and smart cards. Going forward, cashless transactions for fee and other payment management would be an integral part of all school management systems.

Parent Communication Portal Parent-teacher communication is instrumental in ensuring the best for each child. When proper communication ensues between these two parties, there would be consistency in the learning atmosphere created at school and home. For this to be achieved, a communication portal is very important. It can be a chat facility in the software or it can be integrated with third party message apps such as Skype, Whatsapp, etc.

Admissions Module – Admission period is the best time when student details can be entered into the system in an organized way. A unique profile can be created for each student with all his contact details and other data. These details will be reflected at the points where that particular student’s data is required.

Transport Management – Student safety is most threatened during student transportation. A module for tracking student location during transportation can go a long way in ensuring their safety. For school transport manager, such a module will also help in providing valuable fleet management details. Using those details, the manager would be able to run the school bus fleet more efficiently.

Exam Management – An exam is one of the biggest events in a school, and requires proper organization and monitoring for successful completion. Conducting online examinations save time and offer convenience to school management. There are also modules that help with conducting mock tests or assessments that help students to evaluate and learn themselves.

Staff Management – Schools often have a large support staff. Comprehensive school management system software also includes a module for support staff management. Their attendance, daily activities, etc are marked and their performance is evaluated or graded.

Reports– Various types of reports can be generated from the system ranging from student progress reports to annual school performance reports. These are helpful in ensuring that the school stays on track with their key objectives.

Cloud – Enabled – management software, if cloud enabled has the benefit of being accessible from anywhere. This can bring in facilities such as the ability for students to access study materials from their home or some remote location with their id and password if they are unable to attend school due to some reason.

School Management System Software Benefits Which Help Schools to Excel

Improved Productivity

It’s known that multiple paperwork affect the smooth functioning of schools as well as their productivity. Most of these activities are time consuming and fails to give you accurate results.

Here comes the importance of software solutions for schools. With advanced School Management System Software you can increase the productivity of your school by minimizing the time and effort needed to organize school data.

Team Up Beyond Classroom

In order to provide an amazing learning experience you have to think beyond classrooms. Communication between teachers and other staff members is crucial to make these activities feasible.

Enhanced connectivity is one of the striking features of this software. Since it is a web and mobile based interactive application; administrators can connect teachers, students and other non teaching members to work as a team. When you work as a team you will get expected results and reduce your workload as well.

Network Various Departments and Campuses

It would be difficult to manage if you run institutions at multiple locations. A strong access to all the locations will enable you to manage all your institutions successfully. As advanced school management systems, network all institutions and departments in a single integrated platform, you are able to manage multiple institutions simultaneously.

Teachers’ Workload get Reduced via Paperless Administration

Nowadays, everyone prefers paperless management, as it reduces workload and saves trees as well. As this software offer complete automation of all the activities of school administration, paperless administration is possible and hence reduces teachers’ workload as well.

Technology Enhances Student Learning

Most of the school management solutions are based on SaaS (Software as a service) technology. It is otherwise referred as ‘on-demand software’. As it is centrally hosted students can access this software remotely as a Web based service. This will help to deepen student learning to an advanced level.

Cost Effective and Enhance Student Engagement

As School Management System Software is instrumental to fuel the functioning and work of school procedures extremely well, you are able to reduce the administrative costs and save time as well. This will give you more time to devise strategies for student success.

You can improve the quality of education by implementing the right School Automation Software. Nowadays, more vendors are there with advanced school software solutions. You are able to meet your academic goals within specific time with its customizable features. All you need to do is to choose the right software to improve your school performance.

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