Ways to Create Personalized Learning – Simple Ways to Implement it at School


Ways to Create Personalized Learning - Simple Ways to Implement it at SchoolIt’s often said that schools are places that create citizens of tomorrow. In order to achieve that, schools should first get rid of the present education system and introduce personalized learning.

Personalized learning is a student-centred learning approach where the student is in charge of his/her learning. In personalized learning, it is the responsibility of the students to set goals that go hand in hand with their interests and talents. The students also keep track of their progress and work accordingly to achieve their goals.

Now, if it is all up to the students, what role does the school play in personalized learning? Schools can implement personalized learning and take necessary measures to help the students achieve their goals.

Now, how do you do that? Well, this is how:

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• Encourage students to set personal learning goals

Personalized learning is impossible without student setting personal learning goals. Every student has different interests, passion and talents. In personalized learning, the students have the freedom of setting their goals according to their interests. Encourage the students to set their goals, monitor their progress in working towards achieving the goals and to make changes in their ways whenever it’s necessary.

• Encourage self-analysis

Self-assessment helps the students to monitor their own learning. It also helps the students to develop their metacognitive and cognitive skills.

• Assess the students

While encouraging the students to assess themselves, it is also important to perform formative assessments on a regular basis. This helps to ensure that students are on the right track. It is always better to assess students for what they are learning at present and not what they have finished learning. This helps to implement personalized learning effectively.

• Implement project-based learning

Project based learning helps students acquire knowledge and skills to solve challenges, problems and tasks. Integrating project-based learning to personalized learning helps students to improve their skills while making their own choices.

• Lend an ear

Listen to student’s opinions and suggestions when it comes to decisions regarding learning and the materials used. This will help you to broaden your already set strategies to implement personalized learning in your school.

• Encourage parental involvement

Communicate with the parents and encourage them to actively participate in their kids’ learning process.  This will help the parents to ensure that their children are learning well and it also motivates the students to perform better.

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• Expose students to more learning options

While encouraging the students to choose their own paths to achieve their goals, it is also the school’s responsibility to ensure that their choices aren’t limited. You can give them an opportunity to acquaint with real work environments or give them a chance to master more than one subject.

• Implement skill based evaluation

In personalized learning, the evaluation of students must happen on the basis of skills and efficiency they show towards achieving the goals they have set. It should not be based on whether they have completed a project or how fast they did it.

• Integrate technology

Personalized learning shouldn’t be limited to traditional learning environments. Using technology can help in reducing your efforts while helping the students to expand their knowledge.

• Teach students to use digital tools

Most of the employers expect their employees to be digitally-literate. Since the idea of personalized learning is to prepare the students to face the world, digital literacy should also be part of the plan.  Teach them to use different digital tools available and encourage them to use the tools, thus making learning an easy process.

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