How Student Management Software Can Help With Behaviour Management?


How Student Management Software Can Help With Behaviour Management?Proper student management is vital to ensure the success of any educational institution. The inappropriate behaviour of a single child may affect the learning experience of all the other students in a classroom. Every behavioural issue definitely has a reason. And if the reason is found and handled correctly, it will help student development.

Student behaviour management is possible with the help of many features provided by student management software. Many schools implement behaviour management systems to create an orderly, respectful, and predictable school environment.

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Benefits of Behaviour Management System

•  Support positive behaviour
•  Improve classroom discipline
•  Reinforce school values and good student conduct
•  Improve parent-teacher communication
•  Develop a culture of positive reinforcement
•  Maximize student potential
•  Enhance student skills and character

Student management software can be used to find behavioural patterns. For example, a student might be perpetually late to reach the class of a particular teacher or subject. On analysis, you would be able to identify the underlying issue. It might be a bad student-teacher relation or a dislike towards that particular subject.

Similarly, it can be spotted if a student is late to reach his school bus. Missing attendance, spending too much in the canteen, poor classroom behaviour, etc can all point to different issues that would need to be addressed properly.

Parent-teacher communication is very important, as it can point out reasons behind student behavioural issues.

Educators can –

•  document and track disciplinary incidents
•  notify parents of infractions,
•  Encourage behaviour improvement
•  Track student behavior improvement

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Key Features to Look For in Student Management Software

If managing students’ behaviour is a concern you wish to address through software implementation, make sure your system has the below mentioned features.

• Reward system – This helps the school to reward students not only for academic performance, but for his/her discipline as well. This encourages students to follow rules and regulations of the school without compulsion.

• Create letters on incidents – Personalized discipline letters can be created based on the incident data to notify student incidents to parents. The system accommodates forms that can be generated with pre-filled incident data to document discipline issues.

• Track incident penalties – Such a system automatically record student misconduct and track penalties students owe for incidents and also calculate annual penalty totals.

• Customize discipline records – With cloud based behaviour management software, customized reports can be created that includes multiple discipline incidents. Reports generated also include automatic charts and graphs to track any type of incident that impacts the school.

• Manage grievances -Inappropriate behavioural issues of students can be solved to a great extent by tracking grievances of students and by conducting investigations. The right student management system can help to configure deadlines, reminders and alerts via Email and Messaging throughout the grievance process.

If you think there are more issues that needs to addressed with student behaviour management systems, or if you know of innovative ways in which existing systems can be used, please feel free to share your comment with us.

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