Ways to Instil Good Learning Habits in Children


Student Information Systems |Ways to Instil Learning Habits in Children“Great habits sharpen our thoughts and make us great.” – Debasish Mridha

A strong support from the family plays a key role in student’s improved academic success. With the beginning of school year, it is the responsibility of each parent to consider ways that can assist their child to develop successful learning habits. You should encourage your children to develop good study habits, which will help them remain a great student. Let them know how to learn it right.

Here’s how you can assist them learn good study habits.

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Arrange a Separate Study Area – A specific area for study will help children stay away from distractions such as TVs, computers and phones.A private, quiet space with good lighting will do. To help children study well, you can also consider switching up locations. Check the child’s requirement and get a table that facilitates his studies and allow holding all necessary supplies including pencils, pens, paper, books, and more.

Create a Study Plan – You can help your kids to plan things in an orderly manner. Get them a wall calendar so that kids can create a study plan with a clear note on the dates of the coming tests, the types of questions included as well as the topics covered. A clear study plan will allow them sufficient time to prepare instead of rushing their studies a day before the exam.

Prepare them for a Regular Time for Homework – After school, your kid needs some rest from their studies. Don’t force them to do their homework soon after school. Let them have fun, and play games. They should also learn to organize their projects, study and homework, based on their priority. To improve focus and concentration, recommend them to take relevant breaks between their studies.

Daily Checklist Helps – Your child can keep track of his day and know about his progress with a daily checklist. Listing daily tasks in a systematic manner will help children to do their assignments on time. Ask them to write down each task in a to-do-list, so that they won’t leave any.

Make the Right Use of Student Information Systems –Along with enhancing communication between school management and parents, student information systems also assists to improve student’s performance. Easy to access and use such software implemented by schools will help students to check their class and event schedules, submit their notes / case studies online, access attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule and even can browse through library books details and identify the book(s) to be issued.

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Time Management – As assignments, homework and assessments may increase during the school year, it can become more challenging for students to manage their time effectively. Help them plan their time using timetables and diaries. Consider setting certain time to complete each task. Make sure to allow adequate time for sleep and leisure activities.

With the availability of advanced technologies, parents can also use the parent communication portal to communicate with the teacher as well as school management to ensure that your kid is showing improvement in their studies.By keeping in touch with the teachers, parents can make sure whether their child is learning or not.

You can also view the student’s attendance by looking at the academic calendar. Student Attendance Management feature helps you to do so. Such promising software can also help you stay updated with your child’s progress and behaviour in school and facilitates an easy and fast way to communicate with the school principal or teachers. With the fee module, you can get the complete details. The system also helps to know the real-time location of your child’s school bus.

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