What are Student Information Systems and How do they Help Schools?


What are Student Information Systems and How do they Help Schools?As a school administrator or teacher you might have googled to know about different types of school software. Student information systems (SIS) might be a term you would have come across quite often. Here, we try to introduce a concise guide on this technology. Let’s see how it would be useful for schools.

SO, WHAT ARE STudent information Systems?

Strictly speaking, student information systems, generally known as SIS is an innovative technology for academic establishments to manage student related information.

You might be familiar with school software such as student management software, school automation software etc.

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SIS is also similar to this. It helps schools or academic institutions to carry out day to day activities such as student tracking, admission management, attendance management, evaluation process, etc. effectively and in a systematic manner.

Applications and BENEFITS OF Student information Systems

Now, we are going to talk about different applications and benefits of student information systems.

Student Management

As you know, it’s not easy for academic establishments to record academic details of students. Manual entering of data takes time and may not be that accurate as well. Student management module helps you to manage student details like never before.

Since it is programmed with different custom categories and fields such as admission data, attendance, demographic data, etc., you are able to create profiles for each student and share their academic details with teachers and administrators as well.

To know how SIS improves academic experience, see our blog.

Admission/Enrollment (promotes paperless administration)

How handy it would be if you can do all the processes via a single database system. As this module is completely automated, promotes paperless administration as well.

Handy admission/enrollment management is an ideal feature of any student information system. You can handle admission procedures for different courses and monitor student progress via a single window system.

Attendance Management

If you are a teacher, you know better, it‘s time consuming to mark attendance of the whole class. As this attendance module helps you to mark attendance and send reports to the administrators, you don’t need to worry about attendance management anymore.

Since it’s customizable, you can integrate with parent communication portals as well. The system will send reports to parents via email or SMS.

Exam Management

Traditional methods of conducting exams are time consuming and expensive as well. Managing exam processes will become easier with exam module. Teachers can upload question papers and create examination to students in a flexible way.

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Assigning classrooms and invigilators, creating venues for exams will be easier for administrators. They can also publish results without any delay with this system.

Effective Library Management

Effective library management is another striking feature of SIS. You can check the reading habits of children via this system. Since it is completely automated, managing library related data, such as issues, returns and fines will be helpful for the administrators. You can also alert members by creating due date reminders.

Safe Transportation

Administrators can ensure the safety of students with this amazing module. Allocating bus services to students and staff will be easier with this module. Real time tracking feature will help to ensure safety of each student.

So, hopefully you have got a proper overview of student information systems. If you want to add anything, please feel free to give your feedback in the comment section.

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