Student Information System Features To Catapult Your Schools To the Top


Student Information System Features To Catapult Your Schools To The Top

School managements around the globe are adopting student information system at a rapid pace. Every school wants to be the best, moulding the best individuals. The latest software helps this in ways beyond the imagination of teachers and parents couple of decades ago.

So, if you are looking for software to catapult your school to be among the very best, there are some features your student management software should have. Let’s see what these are.

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Cloud Hosted – In the current connected world, accessibility is a key watchword. Cloud hosting helps everyone associated with the software to access their accounts using any internet connected devices without any restrictions. Cloud hosting also means less money and time is spent on maintaining server infrastructure.

Tracks Student Behaviour – Most good software would collect a lot of data surrounding your students’ activities. But exceptional software would be able to draw meaning from the collected data. Thus, student behaviour can be tracked and utilized for providing them personalized guidance.

Integration of Popular Communication Portals – While it’s common for student information systems to have communication features such as email and chat, wouldn’t it be much easier if parents and teachers could use popular communication apps such as skype or whatsapp to communicate. This way, it becomes easier to adapt and use. People wouldn’t have to switch from one chat app to another or mail each other. So, providing such an option would be a positive move.

Effective Accounting – Accounting systems need to be professional and without any scope for error. Especially if your school has a significant number of students, teaching and non-teaching staff. There are various aspects such as library, fee, salary etc which has to be accounted for. A top notch accounting module is a must.

Manage Examinations – Examinations are huge events in any school. But gone are the days when pen and paper ruled the roost. Now, online assesment tests and exams are part of a majority of schools. Safe examination and assessment modules should be a top priority for you. It should be able to include comprehensive details about projects done and extra curricular activiites as well.

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Smart exam modules should be able to provide insights to each individual students’ academic strengths and weaknesses.

Infrastructure Management – Asset management and tracking, laboratory, library and transport management are part of a number of student management systems. As these aspects play an important part in student safety and development, it’s necessary that the software you choose covers them.

Manages Entire Staff – Staff management is another major area of concern. There are a huge number of schools that lack a proper HR manager. This role has to be filled in by management software for large parts. Attendance, performance, skills improvement programs, etc needs to be a part of the software. Happier, better skilled and performing employees can influence students positively, raising the school standards.

Compliance Software – Most schools that come under any governing bodies will have processes to get their standards evaluated. A couple of examples can be KHDA and ADEC. If the school management software notifies schools regarding the standards’ criteria and how the schools match up. Then, the chances of schools failing to achieve higher standards becomes minimal.

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