Why do Schools Need Student Management Software?


Why do Schools Need Student Management Software?If you’re a school administrator or teacher, you know the difficulty to manage and record student data. It’s hectic and time consuming to enter the data of each student in an orderly way. In most occasions, you may fail to identify the details of a particular student on time, if there is urgency.With the advent of different student management software, managing student information is not a Herculean task for academic establishments anymore.

Student Management Software

Student management software is a kind of student information system (SIS). Since it is integrated with various user-friendly modules such as admission management, student tracking, attendance management, library management, evaluation, transportation, etc, schools or academic establishments are able to function in a systematic way.

Let’s see how student management software will be useful for schools and various academic establishments.

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No More Troubles in Managing Student Data

Student management feature is one of the must- have qualities of a good school software. With this module you are able to keep all the academic and personal information in an orderly way.
These features will help you to do so:

•  Individual details of each student can be stored in a systematic manner
•  As it is customizable, student data can be edited
•  Information regarding course and batch can be changed easily
•  Alumni student details can be managed via this module

 Paperless Administration in Admission Management

Why use bundles of paper for admission procedures, while you can do paperless management via a single window system. Go paperless and save more trees!

Below given features of admission management module enhances admission processes.

•  Online enquiry forms and review forums
•  Versatile enquiry system for different courses
•  Automated report generation of daily enquiries
•  Email/SMS notification system

This module helps you to perform student admissions easily and in a timely manner.

Flexible Attendance Management

Easily manageable attendance system is essential to maintain the decorum of an academic institution. Attendance module will be useful for teachers to mark attendance and share reports with parents via parent communication portals.

Handy features of attendance module:

•  Flexible course wise attendance management system
•  Instant view of attendance percentage
•  SMS/email notification

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Handy Library Management System

Effective library management enhances learning and teaching as well. Reliable student management software includes a library management module to offer a stress-free management solution for librarians as well as faculty members.

Such a module:-

•  Provides a better learning experience
•  Offers  quick and easy access to list of books available
•  Saves time and limit errors that occur due to manual processing
•  Improves library efficiency by automating the whole processes involved

Online Exam Management

As you know, it is consuming as well as expensive to conduct exams or tests in a traditional way. The online exam management module helps you to carry out exam processes in a flexible way. You are able to upload question papers and create online examination for various subjects. This system will help you publish results without any delay.

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