How School Software is Helping Shape The Future of Assessments ?


How School Software is Helping Shape The Future of Assessments ?Assessments are tricky be it that of students or teachers, you may not be able to assess their true knowledge or contribution with traditional assessment methods. Has the introduction of school software made a difference? We cannot know for sure. But one thing is true – Student Information Systems are a step in the right direction.


Earlier days, assessment tests were conducted to know what students have learnt. But now, school software has changed the way teachers and parents communicate, focusing not just on the occasional assessment tests, but also on the actual learning process. In fact, if we look at it, education syllabuses such as the EYFS  for pre-schoolers are focused on cultivating and encouraging unique learning processes. And classroom technology is playing an important role, like teachers making use of apps to document progress.

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Learning Is A Continuous Process – The nature of assessments change when it is understood that tests cannot provide the real picture. Tests are affected by various factors such as cheating, lack of interest, etc. Also, there are a number of students who simply prepare for the tests and hardly understand the practical side of their knowledge.

Since learning is a continuous process software tools can help in collecting valuable data on learning process, patterns and progress.

Assessments Without Tests – Usually, tests are used to evaluate student academic performance. But, with the help of school software, educators would be able to rate their abilities in other ways.

For instance, the capacity of a student to learn can be evaluated based on the nature of their interactions with specific objects in the classroom. The choices they make while interacting with educational games can give insight to their decision making process. This helps teachers understand students at a deeper level.

In fact, school information systems of the future would have the ability to create custom virtual environments to understand specific student behaviour and skills.

Assessment of Teaching Methods – Students may or maynot learn due to the nature of teaching methods. Not every student is the same. They think differently, and they learn differently too. But it is difficult to tailor unique teaching methods for each student. Teachers simply would not be able to get into such details that will help them understand the specific teaching requirements of each student.

At present, school information systems provide lots of data on each student. Analyzing this data helps educators understand the different learning challenges each student faces. With this knowledge, educators can guide their students in the best possible way.

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In future, technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality could be used as assessment tools.  Students could be made to face real life scenarios in simulated environments.

Teacher Gets Assessed Too – The teacher’s role is hugely relevant. A really good teacher is not just someone who teaches different subjects, but also helps students to overcome difficult situations and aid them to come of age. They are essentially guides. But, not all teachers are equal. Similar to students, teachers can also be assessed better. Training and assistance can be provided where necessary.
The data that is collected using the school software can be very helpful when analyzed properly.

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