How School Management System Software Gives Your School a Competitive Advantage


Information Technology has revolutionized all industries. In education too, everything from admissions to assessment reports has changed. Most schools have embraced school management software for better administration and education.

School management system is becoming a must have tool rather than a good to have feature. Early adopters of school management system will have a competitive advantage over those who still follow the traditional and expensive way of managing a school.

Here are some ways a school management system gives you a competitive advantage.

Better Student Results

Online learning modules consist of videos, question banks, practice questions and visual representations. Studies have shown that these modules improve conceptual understanding and fluency in the subject. Online modules help students to re-visit concepts and learn at their own pace.

Frequent assessment tests allow teachers and students to identify areas of improvement in advance. This also frees up time for teachers to give personalized attention to each student.

Classroom learning becomes more meaningful, once students have learned the concepts in a highly visual format. Teachers can then concentrate on engaging students with conversations full of learning and understanding.

Deeper learning translates into better results in schools that use technology. Your school will be known for students graduating with higher grades in about a year.

Improved Parent Experience

Managing school activities with work responsibilities is a huge challenge for today’s double income parents. For this reason parent portal and teacher communication app is a priority for parents while admitting their children to a school.

Parent teacher platforms allow parents to be connected to their child’s classroom activities, assignment status and upcoming school events. Teachers can be reached on chats when face to face appointment is not possible. This greatly increases parent experience and they are more likely to recommend your school to their friends and family.

Cuts Costs

School management systems help you to save many costs. First is the cost on paper due to digitalization of all documents, student profiles and reports.

Second is the savings on employing a big administrative team. With school systems many of your tasks are automated and can be managed by one staff. Take vendor management for example, purchase orders are sent to vendor automatically once the inventory hits a minimum level. One staff who updates inventory is enough in this case as order placement and billing are automated.

Similarly, automation of student reporting, accounting, class scheduling saves a lot of costs to school.

Third is the cost saved by better management of the school itself. With a centralized system every department is on the same page and a lot of costs incurred due to human errors or duplication mistakes are saved.

More Admissions

Concentrating on admission queries and leads can be hard with so much to manage in a school. However, it is also essential to grow your school and get better facilities and grants from government.

Management systems also help you manage leads from your website, mails and other channels in a single dashboard. This can show you the queries pending and answered. It can also automate a follow up mail and messages to those that have been contacted. Lead management assures that all your leads are captured.

Better Budgeting

In the vendor management example above, costs are also saved by ordering supplies on ‘as required’ basis. This way finances are not tied up in large orders. This helps a lot in following the budget plan.

Public schools work on a tight budget allocated by governments. Even for private schools the success depends on following the budget outlined in the beginning of the academic year. School management systems can help stay on course by notifying staff whenever expense limit is breached. Data analytics can help to foresee expense rise or income deficient. For example, data on delayed payments may reveal risk of rise in non- paid fees in coming quarter.

All the above points help to improve the school management and give you a competitive advantage over schools that do not use technology to their advantage. A better experience for students, parents, staff and teachers ensures goodwill and growth of your school.

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