What are School Library Management Systems and Why They Are Necessary for Schools?


What are School Library Management Systems and Why They are Necessary for Schools?Libraries serve a critical role in learning as well as teaching. User-friendly school library management systems are now available for stress-free management of school libraries of any size. A reliable web based library management system provides a comprehensive solution for students, librarians and faculty members.

Such a platform:-

•  Improves learning experience for students at schools
•  Enhances library efficiency by streamlining all the processes involved
•  Provides fast and easy access to complete archive of books
•  Reduces errors that arise due to manual processing

Quick to implement and easy to set up, such a software requires only minimal maintenance after installation. However, the school management must make sure to choose library software customized to their requirements.

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Library management software provides handy features to the school librarian and students as well.

Eases the Job for Librarians

School Library Management software maintains data of books issued to students and books available in school library. This helps it easy for librarians to spot any particular book at any given time. A library media system can be customized according to your requirement. Its user-friendly interface and real-time reporting simplifies the task for the school library personnel. For easy classification, such a system divides the books on author name, book category, publisher and more.

With Bar code generation, Librarian can keep track of all records such as –

•  Complete book catalogs
•  Date of issue
•  Return date
•  Fine calculation and collection
•  Number of books/journals issued

Bar codes ensure rapid and impeccable transaction and cataloging the books. With facilities such as SMS alerts & E-mail facility, the admin can send messages and emails to notify book issue, book return, holidays, events& fine payment. Such a system also provides an option for the admin to collect all the details displayed in the reports into excel and word file.

Students Can Stay Updated

Online registered student can easily see status of their books. Further, if there is a book fair or some other event organized by the library, students can be notified easily.

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School Administration Can Keep Track of the Library Services – School library management systems enable administrators to monitor library department’s working. By using library management system software, the school management would be able to understand the work patterns and quality of different librarians as well. They get to know how well-maintained the record of issued books and fine collection is, apart from being able to track the income from fines due to late submissions of books.

Ease of Access – As the library management system is an online portal, it is possible to access it online anywhere for students and teachers with the help of an Internet connected device.

Reports – The librarian and the school management will get reports with various constructive data. There can be reports on borrowing and lending, which can be generated in different formats. Such reports can assist ably in the decision making process.

Technology Integration – Students and teachers’ RFID Id cards, bar codes, etc can be integrated to the system to make the whole process connected.

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