What Is School Data Management Software? How Does It Help Students and Teachers?


What Is School Data Management Software? How Does It Help Students and Teachers?Managing the activities of schools is considered to be a tedious task for administrators. They have to keep an eye on every department to make sure of their smooth work flow and functioning. Administration section needs more attention out of all other departments in a school. Everyday administration department has to deal with different kinds of issues.

These days, administrators can use different kinds of tools and techniques to handle such issues. The introduction of student data management software has reduced the workload of the entire faculty in academic institutions. Here, we try to present a comprehensive guide on the technology. What it is, how helpful it is for teachers and students, what are its applications, etc.

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About School Data Management Software

It is very similar to student information systems.  A computerized application designed for managing school data in a systematic way. As this software is highly integrated and customizable, it is perfect for storing and centralizing the entire operations being carried out in the school. It is programmed in such a way to help schools to handle processes such as student management, enrollment, fee management, HR, exam management, inventory and student attendance.

Applications and Benefits of Student Data Management Software

For teachers

Quality school data management software offers many benefits to teachers such as:

Automated student attendance: Attendance module helps teachers to mark student attendance accurately and with ease. Reports regarding attendance can be sent to administrators and parents as well.

Marks and grades: As computerised management of online tests is possible, evaluation process can be completed in quick and effortless way. This will help managing tests and publishing results without delay.

Schedule timetable: Since all data is available at a click, flexible time table can be created without spending too much time on it.

Assigning Tasks/Approval: Assigning tasks and approvals will be easier with this module.

Interaction with parents: Incorporating parent communication portals can promote positive and effective interaction with parents.

More time for students: Automation of student data frees teachers from time- consuming data entry tasks. So, they can focus more on student development activities.

Access to learning forums: Learning forums help teachers to create opportunities for their students to collaborate and communicate.

Better classroom management:  With this software, teachers can plan better classroom management strategies in order to create healthy learning environment for students.

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For Students

Students benefit the most from automated school data management system. Some of the key benefits for them are:

Improved Interaction:  This software helps students to communicate better with their teachers and classmates. Improved interaction could help them excel academically and personally as well.

Online Submission: Tasks such as assignments, homework etc can be submitted easily with this system. As teachers can approve assignments quickly, students can start their work as early as possible.

Access to Academic Data: Students usually get limited access to school database system. But with this software students will be able to access details such as examination dates/schedule, time table, attendance percentage, marks, grades, etc.

Platform for Expressing their Views: Students can actively participate in discussions and share their views. They can even publish articles to express their views.

Locate Library Books: Students can easily browse through library books catalogue and find out books which they wish to read.

Events/Holidays:  Prior knowledge about events and holidays is possible with this module. This will help students to schedule their study plans or vacation in advance.

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