How School Administration Software Helps In Staff Management


Running a school requires smooth handling of all business functions in addition to teaching. Just like any other business, marketing, finance, HR and inventory are part of running a school.

Since the quality of education depends on faculty and staff of the school, it is of utmost importance to manage and retain the best talent. Managing staff requires maintaining staff records, training and development, appraisal, payroll, leave records and benefit plans. Earlier these activities involved a lot of paperwork and consumed great deal of time.

Now, with the help of school administration software much of staff management activities have been automated and made digital. Here is how school administration software is helping schools in staff management activities:

Record Maintenance

Schools have to maintain staff and faculty records such as demographics, employment contracts, class schedule, leave records, performance, etc. These details were maintained in paper files before digitalization. This resulted in time wastage and errors. Digitalization of records cut the need for paperwork and minimized errors.

With school administration software data entry is totally automated. This can be done by allowing staff to fill in their own data. For example, allowing staff to change their own address or update their class schedule will cut down on data entry work. Staff attendance can be automated by biometric systems or ID scans too. Leave calculation and overtime is also updated automatically based on attendance data and working hours logged in.

Hence, capturing of data becomes easy and automatic with school administration software.


The process of recruiting staff can take up a lot of time and resources. With school management administration software you can set online application process, shortlist candidates based on set criteria and notify applicants for further process.

Besides, school management software also maintains data-bank of ex-employees and past applicants. This way you can have a ready pool of interested candidates to fill a position in your school.


Appraisal process is easier with ready records of staff performance and skills sets. Without this data, the reviewer has to rate performance of each staff and compile a comparison sheet. This manual process can be overwhelming as school scales up to bigger staff size.

With set key performance indicators (KPI) and continuous measurement throughout the year, appraisals become objective and easy.

Skill Development

Continuous learning and improvement is the cornerstone of successful organization. Assessing training needs can be tricky without a formal process in place. Continuous monitoring and feedback from staff can give potential areas of skill development. For example, frequent errors by teachers in online teaching module can indicate a need for computer training or low scores of a class can indicate training needs for a faculty.

Leave Management

School management software automatically calculates leave status for each staff once the annual leave structure is fed into it. Staff can login to apply for leaves or check available leaves. Manager of staff head can approve the leave at their end for a hassle free process. Leave encashment is automatically taken care of as payroll is also a part of school administration system.


Payroll can be completely automated using school administration software. As mentioned above data on leave status, attendance overtime is captured by the system. The system can thus calculate the salary automatically. Documents such as pay slip, advance salary record, pay register report are generated at the click of a button saving time spent on preparing worksheets.

School administration software can cut time and save costs in this way. Most importantly, it makes the process effortless for your staff and faculty. This frees them up from paperwork, lengthy process and report generation to concentrate on student learning and improving quality of education.

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