Requirements of Good School Management Software


Requirements of Good School Management SoftwareSwitching from a traditional administration model to an easily manageable platform would be a new experience for any academic institution. But, many administrators are still using outdated methods to manage their school. Changing to a new school management software can make schools future ready.

Upgrading school management system to a new one should be executed wisely. The new software should have the features to address the needs of administrative section, teaching faculty, students and parents as well.

Quality school management software should be one that is designed to meet the requirements of all schools of any size. Every software has to follow a set of basic prerequisites. When it comes to school software solutions, of course, there is difference in requirements as well.

Some of the essential requirements of ideal school management software are the following

Effective Records Management: A perfect school software is one that is designed to keep the records of each student systematically. It should also maintain modules to evaluate all the activities of each student in an academic year. As it is possible to track student detail starting from admissions till the examinations, administrative department do not need to spend much time in searching piles of pages, registers to find the required information. All data is available in just a single click.

Attendance Management: An ideal software should include modules for attendance management of students according to the requirement of the school. This will help schools to maintain class-wise or session-wise data of attendance in an organized way. Having inbuilt features such as comment or remarks section could help teachers and parents to take remedial measures if there is shortage of attendance. Besides this, computerized management of attendance reduces calculation errors as well.

Student Performance Analysis: The software should have features to evaluate the performance of each student at different phases in an academic year.  Computerized evaluation of exams/tests would help teachers to calculate grades in an easy way and send report cards to parents in a timely manner.

Easy Timetable Management: Having a module for timetable management could be a great help for teachers. They can effortlessly create exam schedules and daily classroom schedules with this module.

Fee Collection: Including a fee collection module helps schools to manage data regarding fee collection and fee dues in an easy way. There should be an online payment mode for the convenience of parents. An integrated SMS alert system would remind parents about fee payment and other dues.

Better Communication: A parent portal module would definitely help to build a better parent-teacher relationship. Better parent-teacher relationship is vital for improving the academic experience of students.

Powerful & Effortless Administration: Good School management software should be designed to carry out day-to-day activities in an effortless manner. It should be user friendly, customizable and navigable. Software should provide school data within few mouse clicks. It should be customizable so that diverse departments in the school can integrate into a single frame. Integrating all the departments to a single frame will increase the productivity of the school.

Apart from the above mentioned requirements, quality school software can also provide features such as library management, transport management, payroll management, etc.

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