6 Reasons Why Schools Should Go for School Management System


School management system is software that manages database, communicates with all departments and takes care of administrative tasks. A lot of activities such as school wide communication, fee collections and faculty reports can be done in this software with the click of a button.  Not using a school management system means that your staff is working twice as hard.

Here are 6 reasons why schools must go for a school management system.

  1. Better Database Management


Digitalization of all students’ data means less paperwork. Attendance, test reports, student profile can all be stored in the database system or SIS (Students Information System). This also gives easy access to data as your staff does not have to sift through stacks of file to get information. Just a search in the database and you are done.

Besides easy access digitalization of database also gives you the ability to play around with the data. For example you can pull out all the students in literature class and filter the ones with low attendance or low grades. This will give you the list of students at risk of dropping out.

Data based decision can be a huge game changer for your school as we discuss in the next point.


  1. Data Based Decisions


Data gives new perspective on day to day activities of school. Consider data on attendance and grades. Many schools have uncovered that the two are closely related. There is also a correlation between the distance of home to school and attendance.

These predictors can be used to find the patterns in your school and take corrective action. Data is extensively used in schools for intervention programs for students with low grades. Statistical analysis of test reports is used to design right intervention method for students. For example, students may respond better to visual learning compared to audio format. Such insights can be used to personalize education.


  1. Instant Communication


Most school systems come with an integrated platform for teacher- parent communication and internal communication portals.

Parents are hard pressed for time today but want to be in touch with their child’s education. Parent –teacher platform and chats make the communication faster than e-mail. Features such as video calling and photo sharing save a lot of time while allowing everyone  to be on the same page. Parent portals are another feature where parents can be updated about their child’s progress, assignments, announcements and events.

School management system also allows your staff to update faculty and student at the click of a button.


  1. Time & Cost Savings


A school management system saves tremendous amount of cost and time for your staff.

Take the example of re- enrollment for the next academic year. Staff had to send out forms, collect them, correct for mistakes, check with the fee department for collection and assign the students to batch. All this in the busy season of admission meant a lot of work load on your staff. With school management system most of this process is automated. Parents can fill the re-enrolment form online, submit and proceed to fee payment on the same portal.

Costs saved on paperwork, error correction, communication gaps are some of the obvious advantages of school management system.


  1. Better Learning for Students


Quality education is the purpose of every school’s existence. All of the above points ultimately lead to better learning for students.

Good communication between teachers and parents leads to a healthy environment at home for child to grow and learn. Time savings for staff and faculty means that they can give personal attention to students and concentrate on strategic decisions.

  1. Finance Control


Implementation of school management system leads to better finance control. This is because it is linked to your accounting systems (like Tally) and expense account. You can input your budgeting targets in the system and set alerts for better financial control. This prevents overspending and financial errors by staff.

Fee management module is also a great feature for monitoring fees dues and sending reminders.

Because of these features, school management systems are a necessity rather than a good to have feature today.


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