Parent teacher meetings Vs parent communication portals – what has changed?


Parent teacher meetings Vs parent communication portals - what has changed?Parent teacher meetings have always been a five to ten minute affair that happens just once or twice in an academic year where the parents and teachers discuss the students’ academic progress. In case the meeting is scheduled on a working day, most parents will not be able to make it to the meeting. The parent communication portal serves as a solution to such issues by enabling parents and teachers to interact anytime, anywhere, without actually having to meet in person. A lot has changed since the introduction of parent communication portals, in terms of convenience to the amount of time parents and teachers get to communicate with each other.

Parent communication portals provide the following advantages compared to parent teacher meetings:

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Enables effective parent-teacher communication

Parent communication portals help parents and teachers to communicate often with each other anytime, anywhere, without any time limits. It thus helps them to discuss the academic progress of students and their behaviour in school in detail. The feedback from the teachers gives the parents an idea about their children’s strengths and weaknesses. Parents can utilize this knowledge to help their children improve in the areas they are weak at.

Check results

Parents can easily access their children’s detailed semester wise results for each subject through parent communication portals. The results can also be downloaded in PDF format. This reduces chances of progress reports getting tampered, which is a usual scenario in schools.

Provides attendance details

During parent teacher meeting, time constraints do not allow parents and teachers to discuss anything beyond academic progress of the students. Therefore, parents do not get a chance to know about their children’s attendance in school. However, parent communication portals give parents a detailed view of their children’s attendance, including the number of days they were present in class and number of days they were not, thus keeping parents informed in case the students are bunking classes.

Updates parents about what’s happening in school

Like mentioned above, parents and teachers do not get an opportunity to discuss beyond students’ academic progress during parent teacher meetings. So, parents may remain oblivious about what’s happening in the school. However, parent communication portal does the job. From notifications regarding any competitions/exams to messages about school bus attendance, parents get to know all, just by a click.

Provides academic calendar

The academic calendar gives the parents about events scheduled for the entire academic year, such as exams, annual day, holidays etc.

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Same login for multiple profiles

If you have more than one child attending the same school, you can use the same login details for all of them to get any information regarding each student through parent portal. This saves you from the pain of running from one class to another to meet each child’s teacher during parent teacher meetings.

Apart from the advantages parent communication portal provides you with, over parent teacher meetings, it also provides you with:

Assignments and study materials

Parents usually go through each book of their children to get an idea about what was taught in school, and assignments and homework for the day. A major part of the children’s study time goes wasted like this.Parents can easily download study materials and assignments in PDF format from parent communication portals and once the assignments are done, parents can easily upload the file to the portal. This helps in saving time and solving issues like students forgetting to bring the assignment book to school.

Online fee payment

Parent communication portals notify parents about any pending fee dues. Also, parents can easily pay the fees through the portal, without having to go to the children’s schools and waiting in long queues to pay the fees.

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