A Great Parent Communication Portal can Influence Kids’ Academic Success



Relevant and timely information to parents is a key bottleneck to academic success. An intelligent Parent Communication Portal can facilitate timely sharing of insights that matter 

How Parent Communication Portal Influences Kids’ Academic Success?

Technically advanced solutions are now available that can help parents to check the progress of their kid’s education. So, is there an effective way, where parents can save their valuable time from dull report cards, attending parent-teacher meetings, and visiting school to know how the kid has progressed? Yes, Student Information Systems (SIS) with Parent Communication Portal features serve as a boon for school administration as well as parents.

When involved in student’s education, parents can help them –

– Improve their academic performance
– Correct behavioral problems
– Enhance attendance
– Earn higher grades and test scores
– Achieve better social skills

Check How Parent Portal Helps Parents in Improving Children’s Academic Performance

With web based Parent Portal system, now parents/guardians can easily access all school-related information about their children. Most schools request parents to sign an agreement in order to access the student data. Ranging from demographic details to report cards and transcripts, all relevant information of students is now made easily accessible to their parents.

However, several studies report that the parents were using the portal mainly to check their child’s academic performance. Studies also reveal that parents use the portal just to check their child’s grades; they never check their kid’s attendance or teachers’ feedback on behavior, class activities, etc. Parents have opined that they feel like it was their duty to check data via the portal once they are given access.

Parents get access to –

Academic results – From this module, children’s results can be easily accessible. Parents can get online access to a teacher’s grade book. Even reports of each semester for all the subjects will be handy for guardians. They can identify the weak subjects and focus more on those subjects. Support the kids to score better on those specific subjects.

Attendance – Now the parents can clearly know the number of days their children have been present and absent from their classes. In case kids lie about attending a class, parents can track it down with this Parent Communication Portal.

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Fee details – They can also now get the complete details of the total fees paid, any overdue of fees using this fee module in the system. Fees paid for the whole year can be calculated in seconds with this advanced system.

Assignment details – Parents can now make sure what all works are assigned to their child and they are able to view grades for each assignment as well, with just a click.

School syllabus – In the start of the academic year, school updates that year’s syllabus. Parent can watch this syllabus and in case of any clarification for the covered subjects, they can contact the concerned teachers at once.

Demographic details – The application also includes features for parents to update personal information. Any changes to the existing phone numbers, address, email etc can be updated without delay.

Student information systems offered by reliable companies include Parent Communication Portals that are designed to bridge the communication gap that may occur between the home and the school. Such portals help schools to provide parents with accurate and real data about their child’s progress on an ongoing basis.

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