New Generation Teaching Methods Every Teacher Should Know About


New Generation Teaching Methods Every Teacher Should Know AboutEducation, like any other field, has transformed a lot in recent years.  There’s no doubt that the traditional way of teaching, for example, a teacher giving ideas about a topic and students taking notes is still relevant. But, today educators focus more on encouraging students to explore their desire and enthusiasm to learn.

Recent innovations such as school smart cards and parent communication portals have helped teachers to provide an amazing learning experience for their students. Teachers are still experimenting different teaching techniques with the use of technology to instill good learning habits in students.

If you’re a teacher, here are some interesting teaching techniques for you.

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Flipped Classroom Model

As everyone knows, flipped classroom model  is a popular way of successful learning. This innovative method enables students get ready for the lesson before class. Learning sessions become lively because of the pre- knowledge of the topic. As students prepare a topic at home a day before the class, they can participate confidently in class activities.  This model helps teachers to awaken the natural enthusiasm in students in a subtle way.

Flipped teaching classroom model can be easily incorporated with online learning tools during exam time. Student Information Systems would be a feasible way for this integration of online learning tools. Teachers are able to share resources with a large group of students owing to this technology.

Design Thinking Method

“Design Thinking” method focuses to nurture creative thinking in students.  This technique includes group discussions, brainstorming sessions, etc. Real- life cases can be solved easily via this method. Though it’s a structured method, you need to work hard to put into practice.

“Design Thinking” is instrumental in cultivating analytical skills, creativity and enthusiasm in students.

Learning through Games (Gamification)

It’s obvious that students love games irrespective of their age. Learning via games would be an interesting activity. You might remember your elementary or preschool days. Just recollect how your preschool teacher taught you the basics of learning with the use of games and teaching aids. Like that teachers can surprise their students with exciting brain games and all.

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In fact, ‘Gamification‘technique can be effective at any age. But you have to schedule such gaming projects with respect to the age and knowledge of your students. Design projects in order to motivate them. For instance, online quizzes on a particular topic may encourage students. This will make them competitive. School Automation Software will help you to conduct online quizzes.

Social Media in the Classroom

As a teacher, you may feel sceptical of introducing social media in the classroom. It’s obvious that new generation students are always connected to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. So, you don’t need to take much effort to get them engaged in social media for learning activities.

As social media open numerous possibilities for linking large group of students, you are able use tremendous ways to provide an amazing learning experience for your students.

Red Ballon” is an innovative initiative organised by the Brazilian Academy of Languages to improve English language skills of students. The success of this initiative will give you enough evidence for the feasibility of implementing social media as a tool for learning activities.

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