What the Movie TAARE ZAMEEN PAR Tells You About Teaching and Learning


TAARE ZAMEEN PAR Tells You About Teaching and LearningIt’s obvious that the education industry has transformed a lot in recent years. Teachers are using innovative teaching methods to make learning an interesting activity.

The use of technology in the classroom is evoking positive responses in students. Parent Communication Portals are instrumental in bridging a positive relationship between teachers and parents. Many movies have discussed the need to address the problems of children via proper parent- teacher communication.

Though many movies portrayed various problems of children, the 2007 Aamir Khan film, Taare Zameen Par, deserves special appreciation for exploring the life and imagination of an 8 year old dyslexic child, Ishaan.

As it deals with unexceptional issues of a child, the movie has something to tell you about teaching and learning.

Let’s have a look

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Every child is special

In fact, Taare Zameen Par is an eye opener for every teacher and parents as well. The film shows you that every person is special in their own ways.

Every child is blessed with gifted talents. Gifted talents of children may remain hidden unless you discover them. They need your encouragement to grow. You have to discover the talents of students like the art teacher Nikumbh did in the film.

Remember, there may be many Ishaans around you, who need your help.

Good parenting is identifying the root cause of problems

As you know, good parenting is important for the overall development of a child. Many of you might think providing good facilities can make a child cheerful. In fact, this is absolutely a wrong attitude from your side.

You have to find out the root cause of their problems to provide them the right requirements. Every child is different and need different requirements to improve their skills. The life of Ishaan in the film makes you understand how parenting affects a child’s future.

Chasing your passion gives you happiness

“God’s grace is your inner strength.
Go ahead and pursue your God-given dreams.”

All of you might have read about stories of successful people. All of them urge you to follow your passion. There’s no doubt that children are happy only when they do things that they are good at. You don’t need to force them to follow their passions. In fact, forcing children to do things that they dislike may negatively affect their mental health.

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The struggles of Ishaan to cope with his studies give you much evidence for this situation. In the movie, Ishaan is basically an artist, but struggles to follow his passion owing to personal reasons. It’s his art teacher find out his learning problems and gives him confidence to chase his dreams.

Watch responses of your students

If you’re a teacher, you might know that how feedback of your students helps you improve your teaching. If you get a negative feedback from your students definitely you will change your methods.

Like that, you should make an attempt to know the issues of each student in a class. If a student hardly responds to your corrective measures or teaching methods, he may have issues with your teaching methods. Sometimes, silence is also a response!

Though, Taare Zameen Par presents a dyslexic protagonist, it’s actually not like that. The film has nothing to tell you about any disorders. It’s about nothing but the stress parents put on their children. It’s a must watch movie for parents.

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