How Learning Via Movies Improve Your Kids School Life


How Learning Via Movies Improve Your Kids School LifeBe it animation, action or comedy, kids love watching movies. They try to imitate their favourite characters from the reel life. But it’s a curious fact that negative influence of movies are discussed more popularly than the positive effects. So, here we discuss the positive effects of learning via movies for students.

Schools can arrange movie sessions and take feedback from students and teachers on the classroom. The feedback can even be communicated instantly to parents using parent-teacher communication portals.

So, here are 6 positive effects of good movie sessions on students.

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Social Messages Get Ingrained To Their Psyche – Kids are easily impressionable; especially through stories and movies. Because of this, if they are taught in the classroom with value-ingrained movies, the ideas will stick to their minds. They will learn to value friendship, kindness towards other life, preserving nature, sharing, and many more.

Helps In Better Understanding of Class Subjects – There are movies of inspirational people who have contributed to various fields. By allowing students to watch them, students gain an understanding of the scope offered by different class subjects. There are also a number of fiction movies which can open up their minds to new possibilities. The right movies can help them understand historical incidents and their repercussions.

Helps Them Lighten Up – Children love to laugh. That is one reason cartoons such as Tom and Jerry is hugely popular. Good comedy movies have a similar effect. Student lives these days are stressful as they have to do a lot of active and passive learning. Movies with humour help students relieve stress. Also, it will nurture a good comic sense, which would be helpful for them while growing up.

Nurtures Communication & Creativity – Watching animated movies and sci-fi allows children to think beyond what they see. It helps them make connections that they wouldn’t have made otherwise. Think about Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter Movies, and others from the same genre. Watching and listening to such stories and movies encourage students to narrate stories on their own. Thus communication abilities are honed.

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Provides Inspiration – Many a times, people have been inspired by one or the other impression they had in their childhood. Maybe it’s like they want to be an actor, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a hacker or anything else. Movies of inspirational historical figures or fictional characters can drive them to new heights. A Beautiful Mind, Bogowie (Gods), The World’s Fastest Indian (2005), Temple Grandin (2010) are some inspirational movies for students.

Improves Language – One of the best ways to learn a new language is to watch movies of that language. Yes, it’s not a substitute for actually talking and learning. But it helps in understanding popular terms, usages etc while being entertaining and culturally informative. For non-native students of popular languages such as English, this can be a great way to learn without getting bored.

Managing students at schools is not an easy job. Yes, there are a number of school administration software, but that alone doesn’t make management an easier job. The right kind of movies and stories at an early age can inspire and enable students to focus more on learning.

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