Leadership in Dubai Schools Continue to Improve


Dubai School Inspections Bureau (DSIB) and their recent inspection for the period 2016-17 sheds light on the latest educational scenario in Dubai. The findings were encouraging as most of the schools earned good rating and among them, 16 schools managed to be on the top thus underlining the fact that Dubai is emerging as one of the quality academic hubs globally.

Even though there are many factors which make a school perfect, the most significant one would be its leadership. If the leadership fails the school will tumble down in every aspect.

The most astounding factor about the findings of this year’s DSIB inspection is that leadership quality of Dubai Schools have improved significantly in comparison with the year the inspection began. 2008 was the year when DSIB started their annual inspection and at that point of time, only 46% of the total schools in Dubai had good leadership. Now, the percentage is at 66 and it is expected to improve in the coming years.

After the inspection, an obvious question arose between schools in Dubai. What would be the secret of all those leaders who has managed to make their school excellent? The answer would be simple as these leaders had a goal in their mind and they had the ability to convey it to their staff as well as to the students. There is a national agenda set by the ruler of Dubai Respected, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. His ultimate goal, Vision 2021, which includes parameters in the educational sector too. The leaders of these top schools worked by keeping these parameters in their mind.

What would be the primary qualities of a good leader? A good leader makes sure that duties of the staff are being done promptly without any confusion. The duty of a leader does not end with being a good administrator. He himself should become an example of perseverance and quality as well. He should also be broad enough to act upon a suggestion and should be systematic in observing the classrooms as well as the students.   A leader is also responsible for the quality improvement in learning as well as teaching. He should frequently analyze data of students and should act according to it.

Those schools which have earned a good rating in the DSIB inspection have one thing in common. They have a visionary at the top. A leader, who made it clear that what is his ultimate goal and what he expects from the staff, teachers, and students in the school  rather than just sticking on to the administrative power. They had the ability to go into the nooks and corner of the school and evaluate with and without the help of data and conclude what’s happening and had the will power to act accordingly.

However, if one go through the data of quality of leadership and management since the inspection started it can be evidently seen that the improvement was gradual, steady and consistent as well. Leadership quality as mentioned above in this paragraph was 46% when it started. In 2015-16 it was 64% and now (2016-17) it’s 66%. So, as you can see, the improvement is not a big leap but consistent which is a good thing.

Self Evaluation and improvements based on it was only 32% when it all began. In the 2015-16 inspection it was around 51% and now it’s 55%.

Help and cooperation of parents and community are essential for the success of a school. Only 54% co-operated in 2008-09 and now it has reached a staggering 87%.

Management and resources also play a key role in the development of the school. In Dubai, it all started with 35% efficiency and now it’s at 65%.

A school cannot excel unless it has an efficient governance system. Luckily in Dubai, the efficiency of governance in schools is around 60% now comparing it to the 34% when the inspection began.

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