5 Integrations in Any School Management System


To build a strong and stable management system for schools, it is important to utilize school management systems in the best way possible. A good system always plugs into your existing technology and works seamlessly with it.

Before investing into any School Management System, it is important to know about the functions and integration in the system. This blog will help you list these functions and tell you about the best ways in which they work.


  1. Attendance


For years attendance has been a basic daily routine for school systems. Attendance helps the faculty and parents understand how many topics have been missed by the students. This gives an idea to the teachers if the student needs any extra classes or help regarding notes.

These manual attendance marking had two big flaws, one, the chances of errors were high, and two, it could be manipulated by students as they had easy access to the attendance registers.

To tackle this issue, school management ERP system offer marking attendance digitally. This can be integrating in biometric restoration system. This can also be used by residential schools at the campus gates to make sure that all students have reached the campus safely.

Apart from students, it can also be used to monitor the attendance of staff as well. This will help in managing and distribution of work among the staff and faculty. Attendance systems must feed the attendance data into School Management System to be useful.


  1. Alerts


Instant alerts for key tasks is a great convenience offered by school management systems. It provides the users with options to choose from the type of alerts needed. Options can include alerts for attendance report, transport tracking, payment reminder, event reminder, etc.

The admin of the system can decide any number of alerts for better management of school. This saves the management time and they can instead concentrate on working on the events to come or scheduling meetings based on the alerts.

Integrating calendar and alert system with staff mobile apps and parent portals is essential to take maximum benefit of this feature.


  1. Transport


ERPs created for school management system has a function which can look after the entire transport department of the school.

It can perform tasks such as scheduling buses, vans etc. by contacting the drivers, tracking the bus using GPS to make sure the students and staff are safe. With the integration of transportation in SMS apps, the parents, as well as school can keep track of where the bus is going.

Any route change made by the driver will be notified and these apps provide complete details of the driver. If any problem occurs the parents/school can contact the driver and vice versa.


  1. Budgeting Plans


Finance is one department in which errors can cause a huge problem. There is no room for any error. All the money that comes in must be calculated properly and then that money should be sent to the right place for its proper utilization.

This management of finances is prone to errors if it is done by humans without the aid of technology. Digitalized management of money can avoid such costly problems.

Feeding your monthly budget plan into the ERP system is of great help in managing the school’s cash flow. It keeps a detailed account of income coming and expenses going out. This software even provides the users with statistics that reveal the money being used for various operations and how to manage it in a better way.


  1. Inventory


School being a big organization needs an organized inventory. School Management System is a great way of keeping track of various school material such as books in the library, stationary from the school workshop, instruments in the laboratory etc.

For keeping track on these things, systems such as the barcode system, or digitalized student id cards can be used. This will automatically register the student borrowing these items and then send reminder for the dates when the return will be due.

ERP inventory integration can be used to tally other aspects as well such as student results, payment of fees and budget for the school.

Final Thoughts

These integrations help in smooth and efficient functioning of schools. These are beneficial for all educational organizations. If you are looking at one-time-investment for your school management then a school management system with all these functions is the right solution for you.

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