Indian High School Dubai and Our Own School Dubai Excel in Catering to  Special Needs Indian Students


Indian High School Dubai and Our Own School Dubai excel in catering to  Special Needs Indian StudentsDSIB(Dubai School Inspections Bureau) has always played a key role in the improvement of schools in Dubai. Annual inspections of DSIB has created a healthy competition among schools and the results can be evidently seen in the findings of the 2016-17 report of DSIB.

The most remarkable improvements this year was made by Indian schools in most of the aspects. Among the Indian students in Dubai around 65% earned good ratings in the assessment.  The evaluation of DSIB includes various tests for students and assessments of teaching and education as well. The school’s progress was also evaluated in accordance with the national agenda targets. The findings of the inspection were overwhelming as a lot of schools have improved their status.

Catering to the needs of students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) has always been a challenge for schools in Dubai. Be it the cost, finding the tutors or even accommodating them has always been a challenging task for schools. Parents of special needs children have also been in a dilemma regarding their child’s education.

However, everything is changing for good now. A majority of the parents are now wholeheartedly saying that teachers, nowadays are keen in identifying the problem of those students with special needs and have put forward a lot of suggestions for improvement. Findings of DSIB also sheds light on the improvement that has happened in the schools of Dubai. 69% of the schools in Dubai now offer better quality of education to SEND students.

Another positive feedback is that 60% of SEND students are showing considerable improvement in their education as well as socializing skills. However, despite the achievements, it is indeed alarming that 40% of students with special needs are yet to have an improvement in their education. But educational analysts are saying that there will be a considerable improvement in the near future.

Two of the Indian schools, Indian High School Dubai and Our Own School Dubai have set an example by excelling in catering to the needs of Indian students with special needs. The Indian High School Dubai was rated Outstanding while Our Own School Dubai has been rated as very good by the DSIB.

Indian High School

Indian High School Dubai has shown meticulous care in constructing their syllabus. The most astounding factor about their syllabus is that it covered all sector of students irrespective of their needs. DSIB Inspection for Indian High School began in the year 2009-10 with the rating good. The same rating was awarded next year too. However, it all changed from the year 2011. With their hard work, they have been rated as outstanding from the year 2011 till now.

The school managed to develop a Special Education Needs or Disabilities (SEND) department which has specialists included in it. The main duty of these specialists is to give suggestions to teachers as well as the management to mingle the special needs students with the mainstream students without creating any kind of imbalance with the intention of education.

For instance, the work given to SEND students are entirely different from that of the other students the reason being they can feel pressurized because of the fast pace of the lesson and the time limit of the assignments. So, SEND students are given assignments without any kind of pressure on them. But the intention for the assignment for any kind of students inside the classroom will be the same.

Teachers, as well as specialists included in the SEND wing, will always be willing to talk to SEND students and counseling will be given to those who are in need.  SEND students will also be given generous and deserved opportunity to socialize as it has always proven to create wonders.  Indian High School Dubai with their vigorous and tenacious approach has set an example for many schools in Dubai.

Our Own Indian School

Our Own Indian School’s improvement in their rating is commendable. Their persistent hard work fetched them a ‘Very Good’ rating this year. In the year 2010 DSIB rated the school as acceptable. But the school managed to earn a ‘Good’ rating for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2014.

Unexpectedly their rating went down in the year 2014-15 as their educational expertise was only ‘Acceptable’ according to DSIB. However, they bounced back in the year 2015-16 again with a ‘Good’ in terms of rating. They have managed to continue the success this year too. The number of SEND students joining schools has doubled from last year and Our Own Indian school addressed and tackled this by making the SEND staff more sufficient with training.

The SEND staff was also given authority to have healthy discussions with the teachers on how to change the atmosphere of the class to suit the needs of SEND students without altering much in the normal atmosphere of the class. Counseling and self-assurance were effectively given to SEND students with an ultimate goal that is their bright future. SEND department inside the school is well equipped and enjoys a high profile inside the school. Students who need care are being monitored rigorously. This helps the SEND staff to not only educate the teachers but also the students inside the campus to create an awareness.

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