Incorporating Technology Makes Lesson Planning Easier. See How.


Incorporating Technology Makes Lesson Planning Easier.Technology in Classrooms. Probably, the image that comes to your mind now is a bunch of students using laptops or tablets in classrooms. Yes, technology has provided students with lots of benefits in classrooms. Not just with devices, but with smart student information systems as well.

But, teachers are a vital part of classrooms as well. Technology’s benefits to them are not often at the centre stage. Lesson planning is one of the key areas where teachers get benefited by the use of school management systems.

Let’s see how.

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For lesson planning, every teacher faces four key questions.

• Who am I teaching?
• What am I teaching?
• How will I teach it?
• How do I know if the Students understand?

Who am I teaching? – Before school management systems, there were limitations to what a teacher knows about his or her students. But, these systems provide all details of each student in a comprehensive way that teachers can be prepared ahead of each class. If they invest an hour or two, they will get to know students, their performance levels and their special abilities.

What am I teaching? – Millenials probably know teachers who had a wealth of knowledge. These people knew a lot of stories, and had very interesting ways of teaching, much like John Keating from Dead Poets Society. They added additional value to their classes.

Technology gives all modern teachers a chance to add value to what they teach. They can use Google and YouTube to find interesting videos related to the topics they teach. Also, relevant ones can be shared in the classrooms so that students understand and retain the information better. With the help of school administration software teachers would be able to know exactly where they left the last class. This helps them to quickly pick up and maintain a consistent flow.

How will I teach it? – Videos, images and other resources make the job easier for teachers. School administration software usually have their own recommended set of resources as well. So, any research teachers do would be added value. Also, the data from these systems can guide teachers to understand if there are students who have specific learning issues and give them more attention. Teachers can plan in a way they involve iPads/tablets or laptops and other digital devices

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How do I know if the students understand? – With student management software, teachers can assign different types of test in different models. For example, they can arrange for practice tests in the Alan Turing method which helps students learn better. Or, to make things more serious, they could conduct a traditional quiz with time limit. Once the tests are conducted, teachers can get reports which shed insights to student performance.

Additional Benefits to teachers

There are two major ways technology helps in lesson planning for teachers

Extra Time: Attendance management software help teachers avoid time wastage to to attendance related issues.

Parent Communication: For planning any lessons, it is vital that teachers understand students and stay updated about them. The more they know about students, the better. A good parent communication portal helps them with this. They actually become partners in student growth guidance with the help of the system. While planning lessons, they can take into account the insights from teachers and focus on areas that require attention.

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