Guide to School Student Attendance Management Systems


The Complete Guide to Student Attendance Management Systems for SchoolsProper attendance management is crucial for the success of any academic institution. Many researches reveal that poor attendance is affecting the quality of education. Schools are not able to meet the expectations of parents because of the disorganized manual attendance management system.

Schools should give much emphasis on student attendance in order to improve the overall academic performance of students.To assist them in this issue, they can avail the help of an online student management system.

Here, we try to present a comprehensive guide on student attendance management system. Let’s see how this technology would be useful for schools.

Student Attendance Management Software

Student attendance management software is similar to automation software such as student information systems (SIS). Since it has several handy modules schools can handle the attendance related data of students in a quick and easy way.

Why Should You Choose A Student Attendance Management Software?

Here are some top advantages offered by this technology.

Enhanced Course Management

As you know, teaching is a continuous process. Therefore, each day’s lessons are scheduled as the continuation of the topics that you taught your students the previous day. Regular absentees may leave an avoidable burden for the teachers. You may have to repeat the same topics for irregular students, thus taking extra time.

Repeating the same topics may prevent you from achieving your lesson plan goals. Tracking student attendance on a daily basis will help to you keep an eye on irregular students. You can easily meet your lesson plan goals with the help of attendance management systems.

Better Overall School Result

It’s obvious that only regular students will achieve excellent grades in a school. Irregular students cannot compete with your regular students, no matter whatever effort they take. Such kind of students would do badly in their exams and affect the overall results of your school. Completely automated attendance management software will help you to track your students’ progress in a systematic manner.

Good Attendance Stimulates Good Behaviour

Does attendance affect student behaviour? Of course, yes. Regular attendance can nurture good behaviour in students. This will motivate them to behave in a responsible way as well.

Regular absenteeism from school will make a student detached from his studies. Hence, he may consistently get low grades in exams. This may create an aversion towards school rules and studies in students. You can instill good habits in them by ensuring their regular participation in school activities.

Assuring student safety

We are at a juncture of time where student safety is so much important.   With a full-fledged attendance management system parents will be informed about the day to day attendance of their child via automated messages. If there is any doubt parents can even go through the attendance sheet online.

Considerable productivity increase

Attendance related activities are usually carried out manually which takes sizeable amount of time of the teachers. If a school has an attendance management system it will carry out all the attendance related calculation within no time, Thus saving a huge amount of time which can be put to another use.

Burden on Teachers Can be Minimized

As we discussed earlier, managing the needs of irregular students is hectic and time consuming as well. Teachers have to reteach the topics for the absentees in order to make them competitive with the regular students. Unfortunately, this process needs time and energy of your teachers and as a result will become a burden for them.

Sometimes teachers may have to postpone class activities and tests for the sake of irregular students. This will entirely affect the rhythm of the whole class. Administrators can reduce their teachers extra workload by monitoring student attendance. This will also help them to maintain their academic calendars straight.

Improved Parent Teacher Communication

There is no doubt that better parent- teacher communication, influence students’ academic success. By installing a quality student attendance management system you are creating a chance to reach out to parents. If a parent come to know that his\ her children is bunking academic sessions, definitely he\she may contact the teachers. This will give you an opportunity to improve the academic performance of irregular students.

How to Choose A Student Attendance Management System?

Ask for a demo. See if it offers the following features.

Compatibility – Check if it can be integrated with a school’s existing management software and hardware. Or else, it should be part of an efficient school management system.

Attendance reports – The main aim of the software is to make attendance process easier and to gain insights from it. The software should provide you comprehensive attendance reports with well-presented data.

User-friendly interface – School staff may not be the most tech-savvy people around. They would need a simple, easy to understand interface. Check if the software offers that.

Leave management – Combining leave management with attendance is a logical step. It makes the whole process easier. Students should be able to apply for leave with reason and duration. There would be no leave letters and phone calls. It would serve as a solid proof of communication.

Notifications – For the knowledge of parents, school authorities and teachers, timely notifications are a must.

Good software support – No software is perfect. It is natural for issues to appear. But what separates the best from the rest is the quality and response of its support team.

Regular updates – technologies keep evolving in quick time. See if there would be regular updates provided to get the best features for your software.

Once you are happy with the features, check the pricing. Negotiate if it doesn’t fall into your price bracket. Some software might have extra features you don’t require, which can help you in negotiations.

So, hopefully you have got a proper overview of student attendance management systems in school. In case you have anything to add or if you have any questions, please feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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