Exciting Brain Games to WoW your Students


Student Information Systems|Exciting Brain Games to WoW your StudentsMany studies have proved that engaging yourself with mental exercises and brain games keep you active the whole day. People who engage in mind challenging activities are smarter when compared to their counterparts.

When it comes to teaching, interesting mind games can do wonders in your students. Frequent lecture sessions will make learning dull and uninteresting. If you’re a teacher you may know that how recent technological innovations such as Parent Communication portals and Student Information Systems have improved the student lives.

Several digital teaching tools have helped teachers to address various learning problems of their students. To know how digital teaching tools changed teaching and learning see our blog. Being a teacher you can mould your students creative and smarter by engaging them with brain games and interesting activities in the class.

Innovative experiments in class activities will help to build a positive student teacher relationship . Introducing activities like brain games will give you results in the long run.

Here are some Exciting Brain Games you can introduce to your students

Be smart and think creatively with these interesting mind games

1. Story in Few Words

Storytelling is an interesting game to improve your creativity. Ask your students to write or narrate a story in few words (within 20 words). See how many of them come up with interesting and funny stories!

Student Information Systems|Exciting Brain Games to WoW your Students

See how Storytelling Works in Games (of the Future!)

2. Picture Challenge!

Identifying famous personalities from a picture would be an interesting activity for your students. Students are going to respond in an amazing way, for sure.

Show them a picture including famous personalities in different genre. Set a time limit for the activity and ask them to find out maximum number of persons.

See the below image for instance

Student Information Systems|Exciting Brain Games to WoW your Students


3. Read Out the Colour in Seconds!

This game will help you to stay focused. Show your students a list of words printed in different colours. Reading words would be an easy activity for everyone. So, ask them to read out loud the colour that each word is printed in. This will help students to improve their focus on academic activities and extracurricular activities as well.

See the image below

Student Information Systems|Exciting Brain Games to WoW your Students

4. Reverse Counting

Reverse counting game will help you to keep your mind on track. This will help students to master the basic arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Here are some number games you can try out

•  Begin at 1000, reverse count, subtracting 20 each time (1000, 980,960…)
•  Begin at 500, reverse count, subtracting 13 each time (487,474…)
•  Begin at 100, reverse count, subtracting 7 each time(93,86…)

Here is an interesting video on reverse counting

5. Visual Searching Skill Test

If you want to improve your visual searching skills, this teaser will be a better option. You will be given a list of symbols; you are supposed to find out how many times each of the symbols reappear in each row.

See the table below

Student Information Systems|Exciting Brain Games to WoW your Students

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