Dubai’s Rajagiri International School’s National Agenda journey is worth learning from

Rajagiri International School has grown consistently since it opened in 2008. The DSIB inspection has seen the school improve steadily and maintain its rating as ‘Good’ throughout. The school has shown significant improvement over the years towards the National Agenda Parameter as set by KHDA. Strong and effective leadership along with self-evaluation have undeniably been the critical aspects of the school’s success and improvement. Mrs. ARUNDHATI RAWAT, the school principal, with the support of her senior leaders has set out a clear vision for the school with a commitment to achieving the UAE National Agenda. Taking into account the recommendations from previous inspections and self-evaluation the school’s improvement plan has defined the school and national priorities. The leadership team has appropriate strategies in place to monitor and assess the school’s implementation of the set plan. The school’s National Agenda journey has been noteworthy with its focus on improving these three areas besides others.

Modifications to Curriculum

The school has invested significantly to improve the quality of learning environment throughout the school. The curriculum is designed with a sequence that builds on the students’ previous experience and prepare them for the next stage of their education. The curriculum has been made challenging to encourage the students make good progress from their starting points. Rajagiri International School imageThe curriculum provides a mix of both textbook-led and activity-based learning and strategies to encourage critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and opportunities to connect learning with real life experiences. The school recently introduced regular opportunities for mental mathematics to positively impact the students’ attainment and progress in mathematics, particularly arithmetic. A range of digital technologies are used to support learning, innovation and to help students extend their research. Although, the research skills are not sufficiently developed, the research opportunities have been identified in the curriculum.

Quality Teachers

Embracing the spirit of National Agenda the school has consistently tried to improve its student’s attainment and progress in subjects with quality teachers.Rajagiri International School image Teachers are provided with quality training, workshops and teacher enrichment programs. Teachers are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the students they teach and also the way they learn. Improvements have been made to the teaching activities based on the recommendations from previous KHDA inspection reports. Teachers have enhanced their lesson plans to emphasise more on critical thinking, open-ended questioning and differentiation. The use of questioning to probe students understanding and encourage critical thinking skills has improved notably. The lesson plans take account of individual student needs, students are given personal targets with good quality of support from the teachers. The students too are informed about the requirements of National Agenda Parameter and are aware of how the curriculum is aligned to the requirements of TIMSS and PISA.

Extensive Assessment Procedures

The school uses extensive assessment procedures that are linked to the school’s curriculum standards and aligned to the international benchmarks. The assessment information is analysed in depth and teachers are involved in analysing the data to improve the efficiency of this process. A detailed and accurate information about the student’s progress is captured which the teachers then effectively utilise to improve their teaching strategies. This in turn helps students plan their next steps in learning.

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