How Cloud-based SIS Can Raise Your School Standards?


Attention! If you are still using an outdated Student Information System (SIS) or if you are not using one at all, it’s time for you to choose a cloud-based SIS.  It is changing the way schools assess the progress of their students by making things easier for them.

Let’s see how adopting a cloud-based SIS can raise your school’s standards:

Large scale data management becomes easy

School authorities usually find it difficult to deal with large amount of data and as a result, student management becomes miserable. Also, the authorities have to wait for long, may be like a year to make any change in data and by then, the changes to be made will be massive. However, a cloud-based SIS makes things easier as weekly changes can be made on a small scale, while making the data extra secure.

Improves data security

Adopting a cloud-based SIS is like having a work partner who can keep your system and data secure even when off-site. However, storing all data in one location is not recommended as it will cause more damage than usual during security breach.

 Better system support

While using a normal SIS, you may not be able to reach your system support easily. However, a cloud-based SIS makes it easy to trouble shoot compared to an onsite system that requires an onsite technician to see to the problems.

Easy online access for anyone, anywhere

A cloud-based SIS enables anyone with a SIS account, be it administrators, staff, teachers, parents or students, to easily access the information with any device that has an Internet connection. It is a boon to the teachers as they may find it easy to work on the lessons and grading anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based SIS also gives the opportunity for teachers to work together to provide better academic experience for students.

Makes communication easy

Cloud-based SIS integrated with a messaging facility makes it easy for parents, teachers and students to communicate with each other. Teachers can also, share all necessary SIS related information and thus keep the parents involved in their children’s education. Parent involvement in education helps teachers to know about the needs of each student in the class.

Cost effective method

 A cloud- based student information system reduces expenses of installing high cost hardware. This technology frees you from networking hardware layout for your automated student management system.  You just need to subscribe a package from a SaaS provider according to the needs of your school. Your service provider will take care of all issues related to your school management system.

So, do you think a cloud- based  Student Information System can raise your school’s standards? If you have any questions or suggestions don’t forget to share with us in the comment box below.


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