What are cloud based ERP systems? How does it help schools?


As a school administrator, you might have experimented different types of software. But, cloud based ERP systems might be a recent term for you. Here, we try to give you a brief idea about the technology. We are going to discuss, what it is, how it can be used, etc.

Cloud based ERP systems

Cloud based ERP systems are software solutions, specially designed for centralized management of all activities in an organization. ERP software for schools is programmed in such a way to meet the administrative needs of schools and other academic institutions. Quality ERP software has different modules to help you in managing administration, students and teachers. You can manage time-consuming tasks such as student registration, fee collection, payroll management and other student related data in an easy way with ERP solutions.

So, how does a cloud based ERP school software differ from usual ERP system? What features make them more reliable?

Let’s look at the advanced features of cloud based ERP systems.

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Enhanced Security

As ERP system deals with many confidential data of your school, you need to keep this secure from both outside sources and those in the school who you don’t want to have access to it. Here comes the relevance of cloud based ERP software solutions. Most of the cloud based ERP systems offer you advanced security measures to keep your data secure and intact. Cloud technology guarantees that the data is secure when transferring files from your systems to the host servers.

Less Required Resources

Installing normal ERP systems require separate capital outlay for networking hardware. But, cloud enabled solutions save you from these additional expenses. All you need is subscription from a SaaS provider. You don’t need to buy new servers to maintain your database. In case of any technical issue with your ERP solution, there is no need to hire a professional service provider. Your subscription price includes all these services. Your SaaS provider will take care of all the issues related to your ERP system.


One of the striking features of cloud based solutions is its scalability. With a cloud subscription it is easy to customize services to meet your requirements. If your school needs services from the SaaS provider for a long term, you can extend your subscription period. In case you don’t need certain services for a long term you have the option to customize your subscription according to your current requirements.

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Wide Accessibility

Easy accessibility is another reliable feature offered by SaaS providers. This feature helps you access the information irrespective of location at any time. If you have a remote institution, it is easy to provide access to your staff or workforce there with cloud based ERP systems. As cloud technology ensures enhanced security, there is no chance for security breaches.

Better Support

Unlike normal ERP solutions, cloud based ERP solutions provide you 24/7 support. So, if there is any technical issue, it is easy to solve it without delay. As flawless administration system is vital for the smooth workflow of your school, 24/7 support will be an added advantage for you.

Besides this, your service provider always tries to maintain all solutions updated. So, you will not miss important updates with security fixes. This will offer you improved overall security, because hackers hardly attack updated ERP systems.

So, we hope you have got a clear idea about cloud based ERP systems. If you have any questions or new ideas to add feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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