A Checklist for Optimizing your School Management Software


Are you well prepared to get the maximum out of your school management software?

Installing new software can be tricky in any organization. Digitalization of processes can face resistance from staff and occasionally throw up problems that were not thought of before.

If you are planning to install a school management system, then read on to know if you are well prepared for it. This checklist will ensure that you optimize your school management system.

Data Formatting

A system is only as good as the data you feed into it. You must first collect data so that your system can give you insights into workings of your school.

Correct data entry will give better reports and avoid duplication of work by staff.

The data entered should be updated, in required format and free of errors. Errors in data can delay results and lead to double time spent on correction.

You must clearly communicate required format to teachers, students and staff to avoid wasting time in reconciliation. For example, give written instruction on date format or collect data through a structured portal window.


Are the school staff and teachers in your school trained to operate the school management system?

Your efforts and investment will be of little value if the staff and teachers don’t take full advantage of the features offered in the system. Make sure your user interface is easy for everyone to operate. Ask your vendor for staff training for complex features or an orientation session for the staff.

Feedback from Parents

Parents and students play an important part in making your system a success. Talk to a few parents to know what their pain points are and what features they would like. You may want to give parents a training session on how to use the school system. They will be using the system for viewing results, submitting applications and forms and much more.

Change Management

Modifying core processes of the school is a big change for your staff. Resistance is natural from employees who are used to doing their work a certain way.

For this you need to have a change management strategy in place. You need to clearly communicate the benefits of introducing a school management system to your staff and teachers.

Show them practical benefits in terms of time saved or paper work avoided. Everyone must be onboard with the idea for this to succeed. Involve staff, teachers and parents in the process of designing or selecting a school management system to gain their confidence.

Technological Infrastructure

You must have adequate infrastructure to support the school management system. This includes sufficient computers, high speed internet connection, and IT support staff.

You may also need bar coding system and scanners if you wish to implement library feature. Biometric attendance will also require a machine. All these must be in place for school management system to function smoothly.

Data Privacy

Data privacy is a sensitive issue as organizations and corporates collect huge amount of data on people. As a school you will be collecting lot of data on your students. Some of it like health records, social profiles and family finances will be sensitive information.

Make sure you have the necessary written permission from parents and students. Disclose the full extent of data collected and have a confidentiality and privacy agreement drafted by legal expert. Your country and state may have polices and rules for data collection and its usage that you should adhere to.

Data Security

You must have a robust security for your school management system before you implement it. Install anti-virus in all the computers. Ask your vendor for security measures if your data is going to be in cloud storage.

Always back up your data to avoid data loss due to malware attack or physical damage to drives. There is also cyber crime insurance available to cover data theft and financial cyber crimes.

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