Are Apps a Necessity for Parent Communication Portals?


Are Apps a Necessity for Parent Communication Portals?Parent communication portals have changed the education sector vastly. The communication between parents and teachers have gained new grounds. Information is being passed at a rapid rate. Apps do occupy an important part in these exchanges. But are they actually a necessity? Or are they just a passing fad?

Here are reasons why apps are a necessity for parent-teacher communication portals.

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Easy Solution for Busy Schedules – The modern day parents have busy schedules. They work from 9-6 and is under constant work pressure. The only free time they get might be during weekends. They hardly get to spend dedicated time with their children on a daily basis.

A parent portal app offer such parents with a lot of flexibility. Keeping updated with the latest happenings at their children’s schools becomes easy with an app. They can receive notifications on important dates, communicate with the teachers like never before, etc. Due to this, parent teacher meetings can be less frequent and lot more easier.

Instant Notifications – In case of emergencies, exam results, etc parents are able to receive instant notifications. This helps them to take immediate action. Being informed of all expenses beforehand, parents can plan their children’s school expenses ahead of time as well.

They can get timely transportation related notifications as well.

Convenience – Parent apps are usually easy to install and simple to use. As smart phones are immensely popular, most parents would own one, as would teachers. In fact, they are constant companions, making it a convenient method of communication.

Cost-effective – Unlike sending out mails by post or holding frequent PTA meetings, apps are cost-effective. While sending out one or two mails might not seem like a huge expense, if you own a school with hundreds or thousands of students, over a year, it sums up to a significant cost.

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Interesting Updates – School teachers and parents would be able to share interesting updates and information with each other for the betterment of students academic and non-academic growth. This sort of free flow of information will improve the overall education quality.

Better Teacher- Parent Relationship – Teacher-Parent relationships are vital for the growth of each student. Apps will help teachers and parents make use of their free time to communicate with each other regularly. The knowledge of everyday happenings at school and home will change the perception of both parents and teachers towards students. Both parties would be able to understand students better, enabling them to increase the scope of improvement.

Environment Friendly – The use of paper and other physical materials are causing a lot of harm to the environment in ways we realize and ways we don’t realize. Usage of apps can have a positive effect as they are green solutions that uses minimal natural resources.

Smart Statistics –  If you still think apps are not a necessity for parent communication portals, just look at these statistics. Google apps for education is used by over 20 million Students

i)  Online content is accessed by almost 73% of teachers using a smart hand held
ii) The percent of schools planning to digitize their libraries this year is 56%
iii) In the last couple of years, the usage of Google apps for education rose by 100%
iv) Around $1.5 million can be saved by choosing Google apps for education per year.

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