8 Ways Digital Teaching Tools Changed Learning


8 Ways Digital Teaching Tools Changed Learning|EducationZenTeaching and learning became an interesting process in the 21st century. Technology has changed everything, including the way we communicate and interact with the society.

If you’re a teacher, you may know that how digital teaching tools have helped you in this era of mobile apps and tablets. The growth of internet technology has revolutionized the life style of people drastically. The same impact is visible in the education industry as well.

The recent technological innovations such as Parent Communication Portals and Student Information Systems have helped in the academic progress of students remarkably.


Here is a list of ways how digital teaching tools have changed learning

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1. Knowledge Via a Global Platform

As you might know, many institutions are providing online courses nowadays. Students across the globe can participate in their courses. Education is no longer limited to a single platform owing to the advancement of technology in the education industry.

Students and teachers can share their ideas via video conferencing irrespective of their locations. Applications such as Skype, Face Time have offered a global platform to make learning easier and engaging.

2. Advanced Evaluation

Student Information Systems have digitalized the evaluation process of many schools. This innovation helps schools to conduct online tests and the paperless administration feasible. Students are able to take online tests and evaluate their knowledge level at once.

As everything related to student is recorded in the database, schools can generate their report cards easily and accurately at the end of the year without delay. Evaluation will become unbiased and more reliable than traditional tests because of e-assessments.

3. Better Student – Teacher Relation

Better student – teacher interaction is essential for academic success. Nowadays teachers are using digital teaching aids to keep in touch with their students. Teachers can use e-mail services to build a positive relationship with their students. Dropbox is a better option for teachers to share content with a large number of pupils.

4. Information at Your Fingertips

Information is at your fingertips these days owing to digital tools. You don’t need to refer different textbooks when you need specific information. Digital solutions like E- books are there to help you with a wide range of data.

5. E- books and Online Libraries

The era of libraries and the long wait for specific books are almost over now. E-books and online libraries are trending now. Google Library Project is a perfect example for this.

Google is still working to create an exclusive online library with the help of publishers and libraries to offer a versatile experience for their audience. Google Books is instrumental in bringing new books and publishers to the audience.

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6. Mobile Apps for Learning

Learning via mobile apps is the latest trend among the students. The increase in the number of education app vendors shows the increase in demand for such apps. They became popular because of its innovative learning methods against the traditional ways. Students as well as teachers are experiencing its benefits.

7. Multimedia Teaching Aids

Many teachers proved that use of multimedia teaching aids has improved the quality of education. In fact, use of multimedia aids, videos, and animation has positively influenced the students and it transformed learning more entertaining and engaging.

8. Assistance for Learners with Special Needs

Usually students with special needs cannot cope with the traditional teaching methods. They seldom respond to the traditional learning methods. E- learning tools and technology have helped teachers to provide the best learning experience for differently abled students as well.

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