6 Features Parents Expect from your School Administration Software



School management systems must make work easier for all stakeholders. This includes staff, faculty, students, management and parents.

Parents struggle with work responsibilities, parenting, and school meetings with little support from their extended family in the modern world. Features in school software can help them manage school responsibilities conveniently.

Here are six features that parents expect from school administration software:

1. Teacher communication platform

Parents who are connected to school and teachers can provide better learning environments for their kids. Frequent face to face meetings are great but are not always possible in a busy schedule. Communication over mail is time-consuming and formal.

A mobile chat platform works great in such a scenario. Parents will appreciate it as the communication is personalized and instantaneous. Chat platforms are integrated into the school administration system. This makes it easy to share files such as class calendar, report cards and videos. Some platforms can even make video call possible.

This is convenient for parents as they are always in touch with the teachers. Concerns, feedback and progress can be shared at the click of a button.

2. Parent portal

A log-in portal for parents gives them access to school resources. They can check school calendar, see upcoming events, assignment status and much more. It’s a one-stop portal for all the school-related activities. This is great as parents don’t have to contact their child or teachers for any queries. They can simply log in and see everything on one patent dashboard.

3. School bus tracking

This feature lets the parents know that the school takes student security seriously. Bus tracking shares route map with parents with real time tracking offered by some school systems. This lets parents know their child is safe and also gives estimated time to home.

Parents dropping children to pick up points can co-ordinate better.
SMS alerts for over-speeding, late arrival or heavy traffic are also sent to parents.

4. Online payment

Schools can set up online payment option for parent portal. Parents can be notified to arrange for payment by sending reminders and follow up messages. This also reduces late fee payments to the school.

5. Online Parent Community

Not many schools are concentrating on this but it can be the most comforting feature a school can offer. A community builds environment of support and security for parents. This can be of great help in times where nuclear families struggle to manage all the responsibilities.

An online community of parents and teachers can help parents pool rides, work out school projects and share helpful parenting tips. The school can have a stronger culture that extends to students’ home and family.

6. Mobile app

With over half of the online population accessing internet on their smartphones, mobile app is a must have feature for your school software system. Parents love mobile access because it allows them to pay fees, check on their child and talk to teachers on the go.

These six features will help you to provide a better experience for parents and students as well. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

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