5 Smart Ways a Parent Communication Portal Helps Teachers    


5 Smart Ways a Parent Communication Portal Helps Teachers    

Technology is no doubt, an integral part of education now. Parents as well as teachers have a key role to play in creating bright careers for students. Smooth and regular parent-teacher communication helps parents to stay update with their kid’s school affairs. This influences child’s future success and growth inside and outside the classroom.

Busy Parents, Smart Communication Portals

Often it happens that working moms and dads are too busy to pay a direct visit to school. Technology has found a way to bring such parents closer to the teachers – mobile and web apps. As a teacher, communication with parents throughout the school year is critical for your success. Parent communication portals, which incorporate both mobile and web apps would be of great help to you for ensuring parental involvement in their kid’s education.

Parental involvement helps foster and improve academic performance, while lessening children’s chances of developing behavioral problems.

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There are many ways in which a teacher can use the portal to improve the interaction.

Provide Feedback Without Delay: You can provide your feedback about students to parents instantly, strengthening your partnership. This helps parents to focus on any areas of education, personality or manners that need improvement. Parent portals assist you to inform parents regarding students’

        1. Academic areas that present challenges
        2. Group behavior that needs attention
        3. Attendance
        4. Unusual activities and
        5. Personality development areas that need support

Reduced Workload: You can reduce your workload by using email or chat from parent communication portals to communicate much faster with parents. Along with communicating with parents one-on-one, the teacher can also use advanced software to share announcements to the entire parent community in a single stretch. You can also post recent photos or documents, share updates and newsletters with the child’s caretakers. Even certain private, secure parent portal software allow teachers to post assignments and lesson plans to a calendar, thus saving parent’s time from checking different websites to see assignments.

Convenience: As such portals allow you to login to the software app using your smartphone or desktop, you have the flexibility to communicate with parents according to your convenience. Also, if you have some emergency and you want to leave school a bit early, you still can get that important message about a student to their parent.

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Student Safety: Certain parent communication portal also connects the app with school bus tracking system. This helps you track the real time location of the school bus. In case a student misses school bus, his/her parent can communicate to you easily and you would be able to take relevant action.

Help Parents, Help Yourselves: With such apps, you can help parents to have a more meaningful role in education. Often, due to their busy schedule, parents do not take note of the little things that happen in their child’s life. But with a parent portal’s help, you can become more than just a teacher. You could inform parents and make them aware of various students activities, talents, areas of improvement, etc. Helping parents this way is indirectly helping yourselves, as it makes easy for you  to understand students better and react accordingly.

As a teacher, can you think of other interesting ways a Parent Communication Portal helps you? Please share your thoughts with us.

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