5 Tips for Making Teacher-Parent Communication Successful   


5 Tips for Making Teacher-Parent Communication Successful   Parents and teachers, and their better communication plays a crucial role in shaping the future of kids. Along with the perfect teaching methods, better parental involvement can not only enhance a child’s motivation for learning but also develop a positive attitude about the school in general. Communication between both the teachers as well as parents throughout the year is essential to support student’s success and well-being. A student who knows that the teacher communicates on a regular basis with their parents will understand that their parents trust the teacher, thus will likely put more effort into school. With advanced apps such as parent communication portal, improved communication is not an impossible task now.



Here are a few tips for teachers to help create effective and positive communication between both.

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1. Stay positive – When you first call parents, consider providing some news that is positive, just like about the best performance of the student or the good activity done at classroom. Parents will even hate your name, if the first news you send them is something negative. Keep parents informed. Share pictures, stories, and successes that help them understand the student’s performance.

2. Be patient enough to listen to them – Its parents who know a whole lot about their kid. So really listen to them. Learn each parent’s names and be friendly with them. Make them understand that working together will make positive changes in their kid’s life. At regular intervals, host a meeting.

3. Create conversation – Don’t just send them a mail just with a check list. Instead create a positive conversation atmosphere. If you can set clearly defined expectation consistently for students in the class, parents would extend their support from home by trying to set the same expectations at home. Tell parents when a child succeeds at something. Also ask them to support the kid at home so that his or her hidden talents will be revealed, which makes parents happy as well.

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4. Let them trust you – Parents should be assured that you will be intimating them instantaneously on any concerns regarding their children. From your side, share even the smallest concerns as early as possible instead of waiting and delivering a sudden shock. Let the issue be low marks or even indecent behavior, inform them everything.

5. Technology helps –There are numerous technological assistance to strengthen communication between parents and teachers. Parent communication portals created by professional companies are the latest advancements in the list. Such a portal incorporates both mobile and web apps, which would be of great help to ensure parental involvement in their kid’s education. These can also be used more effectively than Skype or Google Hangouts as it would appear more professional.

Teachers can consider using parent communication portal that provide diverse advantages such as – improve communication with busy parents, reduce administrative and documentation workload, communicate with parents one-by-one or send messages to the parent community in a single stretch, post recent photos or documents, share updates and newsletters with the child’s caretakers. Such advanced apps are even beneficial for school management in attendance management, timetable management and even can be connected with GPS tracking systems that are designed for child safety during school transportation.

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