5 Signs Information Technology is Changing Education


5 Signs Information Technology is Changing EducationTechnology has transformed teaching and learning in the past decade. If you look at the current classroom strategies of popular schools, you could find the difference. Teachers’ new approach towards teaching is getting good student responses. Innovations such as school automation software have improved the overall administration of academic institutions so far.

Nowadays, schools started to allow students to use tablets and smartphones for educational purposes. Some schools and colleges even providing laptops for their students.

Educators realised that in this tech-savvy era, it is important to keep students engaged. They have to manage an age group who are grown up with the innovations contributed by the information technology. So, schools and educators reinvent their strategies with the times and adapt to the way students learn best.

Here are 5 signs; the use of technology in the classroom is changing education all over the world

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  1. Global platform for education

Many schools are offering online courses these days. Anyone across the globe can join in their courses. Technology such as video conferencing is effective for students and teachers to share their ideas irrespective of locations, meaning, education is not confined to a traditional classroom anymore. Popular applications such as Skype and Face Time are instrumental in providing a global platform for easy learning and teaching.

Devices such as iPads have extended learning beyond the classroom walls. Now, students can work on assignments as soon as it is assigned to them. Location is not at all a problem; they can do their tasks in classroom, at home, in between classes, while waiting for bus, etc.

Also, it’s easy for teachers to assign tasks via student information systems.

  1. Digital learning devices replacing textbooks

Just remember your school days, what was your interesting activity during school reopening days? It might be making book covers for your textbooks. Students may miss this crafty back- to-school ritual in the near future owing to limiting the use of textbooks.

eBooks are becoming popular these days because of the use of iPads and tablets in the classroom. When compared to traditional textbooks, eBooks are up-to-date, cheaper and more interactive as well.

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  1. Roles of teacher and student have changed

Modern technologies such as digital teaching tools have changed the roles of teachers and students in the classroom. Traditionally, a teacher would relay information and the students reiterate. But, now the teacher assumed the role of a facilitator rather than a dispenser of information. This makes students more lively and engaged.

  1. Technology makes modern classrooms more collaborative

Teamwork is one of the good qualities of modern classroom. Information technology actually boosted such collaborations beyond the classroom. Now, students can work together with other students and teachers easily beyond their classroom walls. Various types of school software would make such collaborations feasible.

  1. Promoting personalized learning

Modern classroom strategies are helpful to promote personalized learning among students. Now, teachers can create lesson plan according to students’ progress and learning style. Digital learning tools promote self learning among students. Personalized learning helps students to work and improve at their own level and pace.

The possibilities of information technology in education industry are endless, the list of possibilities goes on and on and will only continue to grow.

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