5 School Automation Software to Provide Great Schooling Experience


5 School Automation Software to Provide Great Schooling Experience“The purpose of software is to help people.”
― Max Kanat-Alexander, Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software

Managing student’s attendance, examination reports, calculating accounts and scheduling transportation, all are now easy with the usage of school automation software. With advancement in technologies, schools are now able to provide greater value than ever before. While choosing the best school software, school management should consider certain critical factors such as improvement in communication, better handling of school admin works, attendance and exam schedules, user friendliness and thus improved educational experience for students.

Let us consider 5 top management software that provide better data handling experience for schools. (you can check out our school automation software here)

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1. SchoolTonic

SchoolTonic, this advanced cloud based management software helps paperless administration of education institution. Easy to use at different location, this comprehensive software provides the ability to host modules that allows a user to maintain academic history of staffs, students, parent details, inventories, other relevant records and much more that in turn helps the school administrators, staff, teachers and school authorities to get the specific details in seconds. They can save their valuable time from searching piles of papers and files for the details and focus more on improving education.

Key features include

Examination management – With this feature, the school can manage different exam types, subject allocation, marks and weightage etc. on just a single screen.

Fee and event management – Whether the management’s concern is to create multiple events related to sports or academy or to ease the fee collection process, this module provides an easy interface. Users can also benefit with the provision of selecting fee heads & printing receipt at one place..

2. Gibbon

This advanced software, created by teachers includes a set of core modules that suits the different needs of a school. Modules and themes of this software are flexible enough to extend the functionality and change the appearance of an installation. Gibbon platform can solve real problems encountered by educators every day.

Key Features

Online view/management of all activities – Managing school activities is now easy by creating a listing for a school activities program and allowing students and parents to view and sign up online.

Library – At library, users can list any item; let it be a book, computer or camera. Students can also be allowed to browse the library, and share their reading record with teachers.

Student profile management – Information on individual students can be stored across the system. The Fast Student Finder featured on the homepage makes it easy for teachers to find students records much easier.

3. SchoolTool

This global student information system is a 100% open source software stack. This free, open source, web-based school automation software is ideal for a single school.  SchoolTool features a framework for building customized applications and configurations for individual schools or states.

Key features

Demographic details – With this feature, demographic and other data stored for individual profiles can be customized. There are different fields to store details such as date, yes/no statements, text as well as any list of outlined choices.

Gradebook records – This school tool’s gradebook feature includes a spreadsheet that is meant for calculating grades based on percentages. Multiple worksheets in the gradebook helps you stay organized. Calculated scores can also be made available to students.

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4. TS School

TS School, or Time Software School, is an extremely customizable tool that strives to be the most comprehensive all-round school administration application available today. Available since 2004, this fully comprehensive school administration software application is designed to suit all types of educational institutions.

Key Features

Discipline module – This module manages learner and staff discipline. Discipline policies for students and staff can be established anywhere required, by setting up their respective offense categories.

Financial – The feature can account for the school’s finances. With this module, financial records are easy to work with. Printer options are also available for every document type within the financial module.

5. Fedena

Fedena, this free and open-source school automation software includes more efficient features than just a student information platform. Dedicated to serve the field of education, the system was developed using Ruby on Rails, which makes it easier for schools easily customize the code to their admin needs.

Key Features

News Management – The management can keep all their employees and students engaged by letting them aware of the latest happenings on the campus via dash boards or smartphone

Secure login access – Safe and secure login details are provided for students and parents. While students can try meet their educational goals, parents can make sure that they are up to date with their kid’s education performance.

It is crucial for any education institution to stay current with the latest technology updates, so that they can benefit from such most advanced school automation software available.

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