The 5 Best School Websites in Dubai

The growing number of schools offering different curriculum leave parents with many choices for their child’s education. Gone are the days when parents would blindly decide to enrol their kids into a school that was in their neighbourhood or one that matched their status. Now there is more to it! For most parents, choosing a good school for their child is a major decision and involves a lot of research to learn more about the school and its offerings. Parents’ decision is usually influenced by many factors such as the school culture, curriculum, board, extracurricular activities and many more. And for most of the parents the evaluation of the school begins not through the school visit but through the school’s website.

The school website is the right place to get all the information required. And the first impression about the school’s website can greatly influence the parents’ perception about the school itself. The website can act as a valuable tool that instantly connects the parent of the prospective student with the school and hence it’s important to have a good school website.

So, What Makes a Good School Website?

Having a well-designed school website isn’t all about having flashy colours and photos, multimedia presentations and a lot of content. It is about how well it works for all your stakeholders – parents, students, teachers and administrators. A good school website should consider the following factors.

  1. Design: One of the first things to consider is the layout of the website. It should be unique and impressive with the right combination of colours, fonts and images. The design should convey the schools’ uniqueness and create interest among the visitors. Being responsive is another crucial element of any website design to ensure the pages are readable on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone).
  2. Content: The content on the website should be useful, interesting and frequently be updated with the latest information and details. Information could be presented in several ways such as images, videos, infographics and more to make it more engaging and attractive.
  3. Ease of Use: A well designed website should have clear navigations and sub-navigations with not more than 7 links. Anything more than that could be overwhelming to the visitor.

There are several Dubai school websites that are effective and engaging and here’s our top 5 pick.

Regent International School

The layout of the school website is neat and unique. True to the notion ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ the website has rich images that convey the school’s vision and mission. The content on the home page is well categorized into a grid layout with hyperlinks that lead to a page with useful and updated information. The website has a detailed news and insights section that displays posts and videos from its social media accounts to stay connected with its community members. The website also has an interactive chat window to assist its visitors with queries regarding admission.

GEMS Metropole School

This school website has well laid out layout with clear navigation that catches the attention of the visitors. The home page makes use of sliding images that gives an insight into the campus, classroom activities & teaching, extracurricular activities and more. The content on the site engages its different stakeholders with relevant and updated information. It also has separate menu for parents and other stakeholders with sub-menus each of which leads to a page with useful information and attractive images. It also has a quick links section with links to important pages making it easy to search and navigate.

Clarion School

The school website is very simple yet unique and neat. The site is not cluttered with a variety of multimedia content. The video clip on the home page is impressive and is a nice way to convey a lot about the school. The video instantly gets parents interested in seeking more information about the school. Hovering over the menu displays well organized sub-menus each of which leads to a page with relevant information presented using communicative media and text. The website is responsive making it user friendly and readable on any device.

Nord Anglia International School

The subtle colours and simple layout are the highlights of this school’s website design. It makes uses of different menus to classify its users and display appropriate information and details to them. Hovering over the menu displays relevant information along with links to sub-menus. The search feature makes it easy for visitors to search for any specific keyword on the site. Overall, a quick glance at the home page provides information about important announcements, headlines, and the upcoming events.

The Indian High School

The website design is simple with a combination of images and text. Although the layout is very basic with a few menus and sub-menus the sliding images of student learning activities, achievements and extracurricular activities is eye catching. These visuals convey the school’s uniqueness and provide an insight into various activities, events and opportunities that the school offers its students. The simple layout with some quick links at the footer makes it easy for visitors and stakeholders to look for news, upcoming events and other important information.



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